My Destiny


My wife was cleaning her closet recently (our idea of fun) when she stumbled upon my parents’ wedding certificate. My wife said my mom gave it to her several years ago, but she doesn’t know why. Considering my mom has dementia, I’m sure she doesn’t know why either. She’s not exactly in her right mind. You know I’m talking about my mom and not my wife, right?

Anyhow, my wife looked at my parents’ wedding date and implied my mom might have been pregnant with me when she got married. I pointed out I was born 10 months and 14 days after they got married and therefore my mom was not pregnant when she got married. Then I remembered a friend of mine made a similar comment when the Little Princess was born. My friend asked if Mommy Forever was pregnant when we got married. Nope. My wife and I got married on July 31st and our daughter was born on June 13th — that’s 10 months and 13 days after we got married.

Isn’t that amazing? I was born 10 months and 14 days after my parents got married and the Little Princess was born 10 months and 13 days after we got married. Wait there’s more. The Little Princess was born in a leap year, which means she and I were born exactly 318 days after the big wedding day.

Now for the bonus round. As some of you know, my wife, the Little Princess, and Spiderboy were all born on June 13th. Maybe this is just a big coincidence, but sometimes I feel like my wife and I were destined to be married on July 31st and our kids were destined to be born on June 13th.

What do you think — coincidence or destiny?


22 thoughts on “My Destiny

  1. I definitely think it’s “something” but I don’t know what!!! Maybe the stars aligning – all that numbers theory stuff. Something, though. I was born September 30. My mom – October 1. My daughter was due on September 30, but I was induced and she was born at five pounds on September 24.

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