Oregon State 27, USC 21


My Oregon State team can’t beat an average Stanford team and got their butts kicked by Penn State, but they can beat the number one team in the nation. Must have something to do with my orange and black deck.

On another note, I think my wife hates me. She won’t let me have cable. The game was on cable. I missed the entire game. Doh! But at least I got to read books to my kids. That’s much better than watching my alma mater beat the best team in the country. They do that all the time. I’m glad I got that off my chest. I feel much better about missing the game already. Much better.

Oregon State Beavers defeat USC Trojans - 2008
Photo by The Oregonian

26 thoughts on “Oregon State 27, USC 21

  1. Whoooo… I think your wife needs some of your attention or something. She’s laying it a little heavy on the makeup on that sidebar pic LOL!!

    If you can’t get cable, why do you keep that monstrous grill thing with the number 8 on the side of your house? Just put cable inside that. :] You’re welcome.

  2. Don’t blame the deck – I LOVE the deck – I am president of the deck supporters club – long live the deck – guilt free and all – :) le xoxo

  3. As a So Cal guy this does not bode well for us. First UCLA can’t win a game and then USC get their butts handed to them in Oregon. Well Hell can just freeze over now…

    1. The upset was a big surprise up here too. The game didn’t even sell out even though they gave away the leftover tickets to OSU students. Most people thought the Beavers were going to get blown out.

  4. I feel really sorry for ya, I really do! My hubby could not SURVIVE without being able to see his rugby on the telly… we have ‘cable’…. the perks of a happy hubby? I get to go shopping! Suits me.

  5. Someone needs to write kids football books, this way you can kill to birds with one stone. (not that I’m promoting bird killing). The story could have a happy ending with the team, wife and kids having a celebration BBQ on your deck!

  6. Doh! I hate it you missed the game. I thought we were the last people on earth that didn’t have cable. We just got it this week! Now I have to find other things for Roo to do besides stay glued to Nogin all day.

  7. You could take a cue from Dave and store this missed game in your mental database to bring out and use anytime you need to conjure a little guilt. I can tell you it really works. All he has to do is remind me of that year he missed the Daytona 500 and I suddenly feel the urge to bake him his favorite cookies.

  8. Saw the score and thought of you. Pretty cool. Pretty cool indeed. Plus, you know of course they’d beat the #1 team if you couldn’t watch it. Murphy’s law.

    1. I’m fairly certain they would have been blown out if I watched. Same thing happened two years ago when the Beavers upset then #3 USC. I missed that victory because our little one was hospitalized.

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