Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


My son is the Incredible Hulk, but in reverse. Instead of a raging beast that is released when angry, my son is normally a monster. It’s only during certain situations that the angel within emerges from the demon child.

At home, the little devil runs all over the place, climbs on things, and picks on his sisters. He does not listen and shouting loudly is his normal voice. But at school, he transforms into a little angel. According to his teacher, he is a great listener, is very sweet, plays well with other kids, and is a great helper. The first time she told me this, I thought she was talking to someone else. But no one else was near me. She was talking to me and she was talking about my son. And I’m fairly certain she wasn’t taking any drugs at the time.

My daughter is different at school too. She is nicer and more respectful. But the difference between her two personalities is not as dramatic as Spiderboy. My son isn’t a bad kid. Spiderboy is actually the most easy going of my three children. But he’s also the loudest and most hyper of my clones. I’m not sure why he’s so wild at home and so well behave at school. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a secret button that the teacher knows about that I don’t. Press it and he becomes an angel. Press it again and he turns back into a monster.

Anyone else have this problem?

Incredible Hulk kid's costume

28 thoughts on “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

  1. yep. same problem. i hear all the time how my two older children are “delightful” and “perfect.” i’m looking behind me to see if they’re talking to me! wouldn’t trade ’em though as I know you wouldn’t either!

  2. My son is better behaved at school, but he still shows his goofy side a bit too much. He’s just more cranked up at home. My daughter has always been a rule-follower, even at home most of the time.

  3. I think at school, kids don’t really know their boundaries and they’re not willing to test them around other kids. They know how far they can push their parents. It could also be pent up energy when he’s home from being so well behaved at school. You just never know.

    Oh, side question— What do you do for halloween?

      1. My husband won’t let me have a party, I would go overboard he says. :o( Sounds like fun!

        I have to go to a rehearsal dinner on halloween, but I’m not going to stay for the actual dinner so I can spend it with my kids. They’re going to be Belle and Cinderella.

        What will yours be for halloween?

  4. That is so funny!
    Having have taught three year olds for ten years now, I can tell you that is very common. So many parents over the years have come up to me and asked what happens to their child at school. They are SOOOO different at home. They scream and whine and won’t clean up after themselves, but at school they follow directions and are polite and clean up after themselves. I just tell them they save the “good” behavior for where they feel most comfortable:home.

      1. Usually the kids are really well behaved. There are some I wish I could pinch their little heads off. The thing is if there is a real problem I will write them a note and ask if I could call them later. What I do hate is the little mini “conferences” that happen when a parent walks their child in and then wants to talk to me for the next 15 minutes. I try to be sociable, but my first responsibility is to the kids. That sounds harsh to the parents, but what would you rather see me doing? Me teaching and interacting with your kids, or chatting and gossiping with parents?

  5. YES!!! Griffin is exactly the same! Dunno why. Wish I did… cos I want to know where that friggin button is on the darn boy! If you should find it….let me know!

  6. In reverse! My son is so good for me at home but is being a real toad at school. Today he was sent to the RC for his “sounds” and his daily report is usually a note about something he’s done that’s wrong. *sigh*


  7. Our kids are the same way and I’ve often wondered the same thing. Perhaps it is peer pressure – they don’t want to look like “babies” in front of their friends. We made sure to define what “brats” are to our kids early on, so as to try and persuade them not to go down that path. I think they also get bored quicker at home – maybe I don’t challenge them enough. Or maybe our kids are just too young to organize themselves into a “gang” against their teachers like they do with their parents. At first, I thought it was the lack of recognizable “home turf”, but after a few months of school they know their surroundings as well as they know our own house. I guess it’s better than them being monsters all the time, though.

  8. So far, Julia’s been an angel at school. I’m just waiting for her to get comfortable enough to start picking her nose and telling people to blow it out their ass. I figure it’s only a matter of time, but I’m going to enjoy the illusion of being the good parent for a while.

  9. My kids don’t do that. They spread the angst equally between home and school. My oldest though has had a huge turn-around. He’s had a couple of rough years, both academically and personally (teasing, bullying which resulted in changing schools, so when we got his mid-quarter update and saw all A’s we were ecstatic. He still talks our ears off about Bionicles though…

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