Oregon Coast – Home of the Penguins and Polar Bears


You know how the food that you crave the most are usually the ones that make your butt bigger or give you a heart attack down the road. Well, that’s how the Oregon coast is. I love our coast. It is a very beautiful place. I love listening to the sound of the ocean, watching the waves come in, and looking far into the horizon. On a clear day, I can even see my long-lost cousin waving from China.

But if you try to take a swim in our ocean, you’ll freeze and have a heart attack (but your butt won’t get any bigger). Then your fingers and toes will fall off. And you won’t be able to have normal sex for a hundred years. I have no proof of this, but I think there’s an Alaskan pipeline that pumps freezing Arctic water into the ocean off of our coast and makes our water so cold that penguins and polar bears migrate to our beach for the winter.

I can only stand in the ocean for about a minute before my feet freeze. But my kids have no problem running around in the water for hours. How is that possible? Do kids have some sort of special ability that I don’t know about?

As you can probably guess, we went to the coast over the weekend. As soon as we got there, the kids all ran to the water. And within 15 minutes, a wave knocked the Little Monkey on her back and completely soaked her clothes. The water was only a few inches high, but it freaked her out anyway. She demanded to go home. But after we changed her and had lunch, she was back having fun in the water. A few hours later, another wave knocked the Little Monkey down again. This time, the Little Monkey dragged her big sister into the water too. Next year, I think we need to get wet suits.

Run for your life, here comes the Forever kids
My kids at the beach

The colder the water, the faster they run
Brother and sister playing in the ocean

I want a hug from sister
Sisters playing at the beach

Too much hair gel or too much wind
Bad hair day at the beach

I wonder why it’s call Haystack Rock
Cannon Beach, Oregon - Haystack Rock

26 thoughts on “Oregon Coast – Home of the Penguins and Polar Bears

  1. I love these images of your wee ones … childhood joy captured 100% pure … thanks for poping over to say gday … your coastal waters sound like the south island of New Zealand – you need a 4mm wetsuit in summer – brrrr – water straight off the pole. Stops your breath in your chest before it can escape yor lungs …. ouch !

    have a great week – le

  2. When I was growing up we used to take car trips up the coast and I loved the Oregon coastline. Gorgous beaches and lots of driftwood. I don’t ever seeing it sunny though. I always remembered fog or overcast. Did you guys steal some So Cal sunshine to brighten your coastal trip?

  3. I love your shares! It’s true that the ocean side there is always freezing!! (but at least your butt doesn’t get bigger – hee hee) It’s still gorgeous though! And I think kids are more immune and resilient to annoyances like extreme temperature things…at least mine seem to be.


  4. The beach is always good. Kids don’t seem to have any nerve endings in their bodies. My kids can swim in the coldest water and their lips are blue and their teeth are chattering and they will swear they aren’t cold.
    Princess’ hair is so long and pretty.

  5. That sounds like the beaches we visited in Connecticut when I was a kid. Beautiful, but freezing! The kids still look like they’re having fun. I love your commentary on the photos.

    Also! I recently read a news story on-line about a nude rollerblader in Portland and, of course, thought of you.

  6. Kids are furnaces, don’t you know that? :-D

    Those rocks in the last picture kind of look like a scene from the Goonies, where the kdis are trying to get the rocks to line up in the holes through the doubloon.

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