My Deck is Sponsored by Oregon State University


My school’s colors are orange and black. So is my deck. How cool is that? An orange and black deck. Everyone should have one.

Oregon State themed deck - Go Beavers!

I wish I could say that an Oregon State themed deck was my intent from the start, but it wasn’t. I looked at the stain chart at Home Depot and picked bright tamra. In the sample, it was a nice brown color. But on my deck, it was orange.

I almost stopped staining after only a few minutes. A normal person would have stopped, but not me. My itty bitty brain told me it would be OK because the paint will get darker after it has dried. So I went ahead and stained the entire deck. After I was done, the deck was still orange. Next day, orange. A week later, orange. In my sleep, orange.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think orange is an unusual color for a deck. Kinda like having a normal kid (I wonder what’s that like). I thought about striping the stain and starting over with another color. But that’s just too much work. Yeah I know, I’m lazy. Instead, I decided I should just go with it. So I painted the posts, fascia, and stairs black. I didn’t want it to be completely black so I wiped the paint with a rag within a minute after brushing it on. Wiping the wet paint allowed the cherrytone color of the wood to bleed through a little.

So there you have, the story behind my orange and black deck. For those of you who want an Oregon State themed deck (who wouldn’t?), I used Behr Solid Color Stain (bright tamra) and Behr Exterior Flat Paint (beluga). An orange and black deck also works well for those of you who like to celebrate Halloween year round, which would be everyone.

Helpful tip: Use roller a to stain the deck. A pad leaves over-lap marks and a brush takes too long for a large deck.


37 thoughts on “My Deck is Sponsored by Oregon State University

  1. Argh…. we gotta stain our deck. I don’t think we’re going to go with orange though. Maybe a natural wood color. ;o)Honestly, in the picture, it does not look TOO orange.

  2. Does it glow in the dark. Orange and black for Halloween, how cute! You may want to make sure your house isn’t near an airport approach landing strip. Hate to have a 747 land on your deck.

    I got a million of them…

  3. Good job. Lot’s of work hey? I just laid new decking down to but I was much lazier than you. I did the treated decking so I wouldn’t have to stain it for at least a year. So mine is moss green and dark chocolate brown.

  4. At least you have a plausible story as to why your deck is orange and black! Too much hard work to have started over, way to make the most out of your interesting situation!

  5. hello there – i love the deck – why have normal when you can have abnormal … whow ants normal anyways … what next … tie dye the umbrella cover thing to match …. hmmm cheers le

  6. I’m late, but I don’t care. You said it looked brown in the store but orange on your deck. In the picture it looks black and gold. BEST DECK EVER!!!!

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