Daddy Journal – Earthdate 20080909


During a trip to Disneyland last June, Subject M (aka Princess M, Little Princess) exhibited strange behavior. Subject M, without any prompting from daddy (aka Daddy Forever, Chief Science Officer of the USS Enterprise), insisted on going on all the cool rides. Interestingly, daddy did not inform Subject M which rides he thought were cool. Yet Subject M had no problem listing thrill rides like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones as the ones she wanted to go on.

Daddy explained to Subject M that the rides might be too scary for her and asked her if she still wanted to go on them. Subject M answered yes. Daddy took Subject M to The Matterhorn ride and asked her if she was sure she wanted to go on the ride. Subject M answered yes. As expected, The Matterhorn scared the princess out of Subject M.

The next day, daddy took Subject M to Splash Mountain. Again daddy asked Subject M if she still wanted to go on the ride. Again Subject M answered yes. And again, the ride scared the princess out of Subject M.

Subject M on the Splash Mountain ride
Little Princess and mommy on the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland

Next up was the Indiana Jones ride. Daddy asked Subject M if she really wanted to go on the ride. Subject M has never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies, but she still answered yes. And just like the other thrill rides, the Indiana Jones ride scared the princess out of Subject M.

On the last day of the Disneyland vacation, daddy took Subject M to Space Mountain. Daddy does not like Space Mountain. The ride makes daddy’s stomach queasy and daddy was hoping Subject M would finally say no. But as before, Subject M stated she wanted to go on the ride. Afterwards, both daddy and Subject M were queasy. And as before, the ride scared the princess out of Subject M.

Subject M appears to have been born with some sort of disorder that results in her making one bad decision after another. She knows the rides will scare her, yet she wants to go on them away.

Course of Action

  • Continue to monitor Subject M
  • Determine if disorder is contagious
  • Find cure to disorder

Unless a cure is found, Subject M will eventually meet someone that is bad for her. She’ll know he’s bad for her, but will marry him anyway.


21 thoughts on “Daddy Journal – Earthdate 20080909

  1. I’m with Mrs. C. Clean your guns now.
    That’s why you are the Chief Science Officer and she is the subject. But when she turns thirteen she will ignore you further because she will know every thing and you will be lame. No wait, I was talking about my son there. Good luck!

  2. Oh dear! The eternal please torment me cycle…LOL I had to giggle though because my daughter wanted to do all the same things above all though was any ride that would get her wet. Her favorite was the Tower of Terror – about my least favorite as I prefer my stomach not levitating to my throat so quickly. However, Space Mountain did freak both her and her dad out…me, I just laughed the whole way through and felt like I was the 8 year old again! LOL Oh, and when you find a cure for that illness pass it along would you?


  3. Hmm, I guess I can get all “Deep” on the subject.

    “Subject M” might know that the rides will scare her, and/or make both of you sick, but may be she’s smarter than you think? May be she realizes that this could be her only chance to get on these rides because obviously you don’t live there. Or may be she sees people getting off the ride and know that even though it could scare her, she’ll still be safe on it and doesn’t want to miss out just because she’s a little scared. I was that way growing up. I would go on the rides even though they scared me because if I stay afraid of everything, then I wouldn’t experience much. I still wished my mom would have said “If you’re afraid to go to school– you don’t have to.” I probably would have went anyway though.

    PS: I didn’t marry the wrong man! I think my mom loves him more than she loves me. ;o) But I would still clean the guns just in case.

    Okay, I’m done with my paragraph.

  4. I got lucky with mine at that age, they simply said no. Made my life easier at the time. However, now they say no to anything that might be too exciting. Except when it comes to boys…

  5. Yes that does sound like a real problem. Mine is the opposite. He’d probably refuse to ride anything, and his “I’m scared” look makes the younger sib scared, so we’d have wasted all that money on tickets. He’ll be the one with the fear of commitment.

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