Dream With Me Tonight – Review and Giveaway


Dream With Me Tonight CD - Lanny SherwinThe talented Lanny Sherwin, a singer and songwriter, sent me his children CDs for review. Sherwin, who is also a dad, decided to write his own songs because he was tired of listening to “brain-frying lullaby CDs.” The motto of Sherwin’s record label (Sandman Records) is “Don’t drive parents crazy” and that is exactly what he accomplishes. The first two CDs, “Dream With Me Tonight – Lullabies For All Ages” (vocals by Melodie Crittenden) and “Dream With Me Tonight, Vol. 2 – A Father’s Lullabies” (vocals by Gene Miller) are soothing and the lyrics are clever, warm, and nostalgic.

Sherwin’s lullabies are great for parents with infants or very young kids. I think they would also make excellent baby shower gifts. As I said before, the lullabies won’t drive parents crazy. I can even work on my computer while the lullabies are playing in the background. Try doing that with Barney singing in the background. Not possible. However, Barney CDs would make excellent gifts for your kids when they have their own kids.

Sherwin’s other two CDs, “Turn Up the Music!” and “I Like Being Me!” are geared toward 4 to 9 year olds. Sherwin sang the vocals on both of those CDs. The CDs feature a variety of styles. Some are silly while some are serious. My favorite song on the two CDs is “A Cappella.” I could listen to that song again, again, and again. The song reminds me of the PBS doo-wop specials I like to watch.

Thanks to Lanny Sherwin and Sandman Records, you can enter a drawing to win a set of all four CDs. Just leave a comment below by September 30th. On October 1st, I’ll have the Little Princess pick a number at random to determine the winner. Make sure to use a valid email address so I can contact the winner for their mailing address. One entry per person please.

You can also buy the CDs on the Sandman Records website (via CD Baby). For those of you with Amazon accounts, you can also order them with the links below.


17 thoughts on “Dream With Me Tonight – Review and Giveaway

  1. How nice! I really do love lullaby CD’s.
    Try working with the Wiggles playing in the background. You’ll sing “Fruit Salad” for the rest of the day!
    Tell the Little Princess to pick me!

  2. I found your blog from Jenx67.

    I LOVE giveaways, but I like finding new blogs even more!

    Re: you next post about subject M and scary rides – cudos to her for being adventurous! Sometimes it’s fun to be scared when you know you’re safe.

  3. What a fabbo idea … we do lots of driving long distance with two wee lads – after all it is Australia and no where is close … and so play lots of CDs and most make the trip seem twice as long for MIC and I … cheers Leanne

    ps the images of your kids are divine !

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