Little Monkey Turns Three


Dear Little Monkey,

Happy birthday! You turn three today. Daddy thinks you are the cutest child of all. Your sister is the smartest and your brother is the most like daddy. But you are the most adorable. Every time I see you, I want to pick you up and hug you to infinity and beyond. You are that adorable.

You are finally in your daddy stage. You still prefer mommy at night, but during the day, you want daddy to play with you all the time. And playing with you is very different than playing with your brother. Very different. And it involves placing hair clips and fake ear rings on daddy’s head. Thank goodness I can’t fit in your sister’s princess dresses. Not that I tried or anything.

You are also in your baby stage. You like to call yourself baby, cuddle up in daddy’s arm, and tell daddy to kiss baby. And then there are times when you pretend you are your brother’s little bunny. You and your brother are so cute when you two play well together. If only the two of you could play like that all the time. More than five minutes would be nice.

You have also become quite the liar in the family. It is a skill you have mastered well. And you lie all the time. Sometimes you would sneak up into daddy’s office and climb on daddy’s lap. Daddy asks why are you up here and you would reply with, “Mommy told me to.” And then there are times when you do something wrong and you deny doing it even though daddy saw you do it. You are going to be so much trouble when you become a teenager. I can hardly wait.

Even though you are far from being perfect, you bring a smile to daddy’s face every time I see you. Daddy loves you very much. Happy birthday, Little Monkey.

Daddy Forever

I wouldn’t lie to you, I’m ten.
my daughter in her new dress

I’m a little princess.
our little princess

That’s the funniest Barbie joke I’ve ever heard.
fun times on the scooter

Just chilling out at the park.
playing at the playground

Are you sure this hat will make me smarter?
our girl wearing a balloon hat

26 thoughts on “Little Monkey Turns Three

  1. She has really grown up fast! I can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog so long that she’s gone from toddler to little girl.

    Happy Birthday, Little Monkey. May you have a wonderful day.

  2. Dude,
    You are in so much trouble when she gets older. She has daddy wrapped around her finger. Keep an eye on her, the youngest ones tend to find ways to make your life “interesting”…

  3. Monkey you are so adorable. Hope your birthday was your best ever!!!! ;) I also think you’ve got your daddy right where you want him. hehe.

  4. It’s amazing how fast they grow. I can’t believe my youngest will be 2 in a few months. I really wish I could hit the pause button and try to enjoy the beauty of her being this age longer. Memorize her laugh as it is right now, and remember how she is forever. I know I’ll forget.. Anyway, I hope she had a great birthday. Her pictures are beautiful!

  5. she is so cute! and happy belated, i just found your page today. your kids truely are b-e-a-utiful, you NEED to enter them in contest, check it out i entered my little squish last month…i lost but they sent me a free canvas of the pic i entered, i love it!

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