All Quiet on the Forever Front


The wife and kids have been gone all week. They’re visiting the weirdo-in-law in Seattle. The kids like going up there because the weirdo-in-law loves to spoil them. Last time, she bought them each a pony and a goose that can lay golden eggs. My wife got a Ferrari and I got a bag full of doggie doo-doo.

I feel conflicted about the trip. On one hand, I have the whole house to myself. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Like staying up until 3 am doing nothing important. Or eating lemon cookies for dinner. Or defeating Michael Phelps in the 100 m butterfly by 0.01 second.

On the other hand, I miss the wife and kids. With my wife gone, I have no one to annoy. And with the kids gone, I feel like I’m missing out on their lives. Any minute now, I expect my wife to call me to tell me the kids discovered an error in Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Hopefully, the kids will come home today instead of tomorrow so we can get back to snuggling:

sleeping with the kids

25 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Forever Front

  1. Your posts make me laugh. I’m not sure which is funnier – the lemon cookies for dinner or the doggie doo-doo you get from the in law. Just so funny.

    I’m working on a project – to link to 50 Different Generation X bloggers in 50 States. I’d like to consider featuring you for Oregon. Can you leave me a note – what year you were born? Are you a member of Generation X? This is project on my non monetized blog – to increase dialogue among a diverse group of Generation Xers. Thanks, jen

  2. You mean you didn’t take the time and test drive the Ferrarri with the optional car seats on the roof?

    Quiet house can be a lonely house. Savior it for now, I’m sure it will be busy soon…

  3. I hope your family is now home safe and sound. My husband is home at the moment, he is hanging out for us to move to be back with him permanently… poor man has only been seeing us once a fortnight for 9 months.

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