She’s Leaving Me for Michael Phelps


I’m blaming the Olympics for my lack of blogging lately. I usually hit the blogosphere after our kids are asleep. But for the past week, I’ve been watching the Olympics in the evening. So far swimming is my favorite event to watch, but that’s because cycling and track has not started yet. I can’t wait until those events begin.

I didn’t see the opening ceremony, but I’m glad I missed it. In case you have not heard, some of the fireworks were faked digitally and the little girl was lip syncing. It wasn’t even her own voice. Apparently, the Olympics officials in China didn’t think the seven-year old girl who actually sang the song was pretty enough. What is wrong with these people? If I still had kids in diapers, I would send poopy diapers to those officials. Even then, the officials would still stink more.

On another note, I think my wife is in love with Michael Phelps. She gets excited every time Phelps swims. She’s leaving for Seattle next week. Supposely to visit the weirdo-in-law. But I’m fairly certain she’s leaving me for the showoff. Just for the record, in an alternate universe, I have a great body too. And unlike Mikey, I can cook.

Michael Phelps

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  1. We watched the opening ceremonies. My wife was glued to the TV in anticipation of Trinidad’s entrance into the stadium. And when did that happen? During a commercial break.

  2. I too have been watching the Olympics, (who hasn’t?)…. I love the gymnastics and diving the best… I am sure your body is as good as Michael’s! And that is a totally ugly photo of him anyway! And I agree about the Chinese officals being shits re: the wee girl singing! What a thing to do to a child, saying she wasn’t pretty enough to be there, but use her voice anyway! SHAMEFUL.

  3. ROFL – I haven’t been following the Olympics at all just what I hear on the radio and read on blogs…But clearly Phelps has been pretty incredible. Love the concept of mailing poopy diapers to the stinkies out there…hee hee


  4. Michael Phelps is pretty awesome. Did you hear how many calories that guy eats a day? 8000-10000 a day! He is doing some serious working out.
    That does stink about the little girl in China. What a blow to her self esteem.

  5. I was quite bummed when I heard about the digitally enhanced fireworks and the lip synching little girl (although I missed the first part of the Opening Ceremonies). I will say, however, that they did a rocking job digitally enhancing because I was totally fished in!

    1. If I saw it on TV, I wouldn’t have known either. But everyone that saw in person had no idea what everyone else was talking about. That must have been a weird experience at the office in China.

  6. Despite those stories (and man the girl with the voice is stinkin’ CUTE for days!)- the opening ceremonies were absolutely MIND BLOWING. It’s worth it regardless, trust me on this- so if a DVD becomes available, get it- the 2,008 drummers were out of this world.

    I was up until 2AM last night. Loved the women’s all around in gymnastics… wow. And the swimming- favorite. Also looking forward to track and field.

  7. If you’d like to get back at the wife, tell her your truly interested in the women’s beach volleyball games. That should make her stand up and notice. Or not…

  8. I’m with your wife…only thing is…I think we may need to take a number….the list of woman that want him is getting longer by the race LMAO…

  9. Haven’t you heard? These are not the Olympics, these are the Phelpians and not held in Beijing but in Phelpsland…which is pretty much all over the place these past week! And I’m the one leaving my fishes for Phelps. He swimms better…

  10. Basically I’m really getting pretty SICK of the Games! Re: my tv has been hijacked by the dearly beloved.

    Well he says the pool in Beijing is also done in away that there’s more world record made, so the Chinese officials can say its the BEST Olypic games EVER! Whatever! Chinese officials has been “telling” ppl to fill up seats at not so sought after venues it seems… Hmmm… wonder if its thats true.

  11. Haha!!! I was hooked on to the TV rooting for Phelps as well!!!

    Olympics has not been that exciting after the 8th gold! Watch out my blogspace after a couple of days… there will a blog on Phelps – The only Swimmer i adore and probably only the second sportsperson i love watching after the Indian Giant!

  12. Hmmmm…. Yeah kind of knew you like Dana from your comments n replies…..
    But still no one can match Phelps… people might hv told this for Spitz tooo but Phelps’ is even more tougher to beat.. as he will compete in atleast 1 more Olympic!!!

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