The Hopeless Romantic Has Left the Building


On our anniversary last week, I took the afternoon off and spent a romantic day at the lake with my wife. The Little Princess, Spiderboy, and the Little Monkey were also at the lake. Very romantic. Dinner was just as intimate. The Little Princess wanted to go to Izzy’s because she loves the buffet there. And after dinner, we went to the mall because my son wanted to go to the Disney and Lego stores. According to him, it’s his anniversary too. Somehow, our anniversary has become Kids Day.

Before we had kids, I was a hopeless romantic. OK, maybe I wasn’t very romantic in real life. But in my mind, I was a big time, hopeless romantic. The kind of guy who buys flowers and chocolate for his wife, holds her hand on walks, buys her presents for no reason at all, and tells her “I love you” every day. Now that I have kids, my daddy genes have taken over. Valentine’s Day involves the kids. My wife’s birthday involves the kids. Our anniversary involves the kids. Even changing the oil in our car involves the kids (just kidding). I no longer have romantic thoughts. My hopeless romantic side is now buried in the deep recesses of my mind.

I know, I know. I could just get a sitter. But I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. My mind would be elsewhere. I would wonder if the kids are ok and I would think about all the bad things I’ve heard on the news. On a side note: where did the term baby sitter come from? Long ago, did people really sit on babies?

Mommy Forever on our ninth anniversary
Mommy Forever - ninth anniversary

Kids shooting water at mommy
Our kids playing with a big water gun

Little Monkey dances while Spiderboy punches Invisible Girl
My son and daughter at Blue Lake, Oregon

Enjoying the paddle boat on the lake
paddle boat ride at Blue Lake, Oregon

Little Princess doing the sun dance
Little Princess dancing at Blue Lake, Oregon

32 thoughts on “The Hopeless Romantic Has Left the Building

  1. “our anniversary has become Kids Day” LOL :) Ain’t that the truth!

    I agree with your post. Every holiday and special date now seems to center around the kids!

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. It wouldn’t have been as fun without the kids, right? :)

  2. Times and seasons I say. :) Looks like a fun day and I doubt very much that your wife would have as much fun alone either…her mind would be with yours. :) Far too soon we’ll be back to the stage of life without kids underfoot 24×7 and we’ll wonder how it went so fast.


  3. I think there’s romance also in enjoying your whole family….

    that is interesting, I wonder where baby sitter came from?

    also..mama mia…(your comment left on my blog) it’s hard to say if it’s okay for an 8 year old, we were discussing it ourselves, and one parent is going to take her girls to see it, we kind of thought it would be in the same light as Grease…when I was a girl I saw that and loved it and sang all the songs around the house….then I saw it as an adult and WOW….that movie was laden w/ imagry and who knows what else that I HAD NO IDEA existed when I was a girl…

    don’t know if that helps but that was our after movie discussion about taking kiddos to see it….

  4. Your day is what you make it, and it looks like the day was fun for all. Lots of memories were made, and there’s nothing more important than that.

    Romance isn’t all that grand. Hubby sometimes makes the sweet gestures, and those mean a lot to me because they’re few and precious. Mostly I like hanging with the family. He does, too, and the kids want it, so why not?

  5. I agree with everyone else that its sweet that the whole family is involved. When their older (like mine) their involvement is more intrusive for them. In fact they try hard not to be around for the anniversary or Valentines day celebrations.

    Enjoy them now, they grow up fast.

  6. Stuff taking the kids on a ‘romantic’ evening out! OH but then, I’ve been a parent so much longer than you, and gone through the teenage years already…. you DO KNOW those kids are going to morph into NOT SO NICE teenagers eh? Enjoy them now…. ya poor bugger. LOL (it really isn’t that bad)

  7. Don’t they still? Sit on them I mean? ;P

    I’m sure you could muster up SOME romance with the flowers and gifts for no reason thing… :O)

  8. I hear you… our kids are with us everywhere. I don’t get any peace even on the throne.

    But, in years to come your kids will hopefully appreciate the fact that you included them.

  9. LOL! As you said it; Good thing kids didn’t come in on your honeymoon! We feel the same way as well when we left him with a sitter. Our evening wasn’t that great afterall… :p

    No worries! I’m sure your romantic side will crawl out by the time kids hit the teen years! ;)

  10. oh I thought of your post yesterday when my son said..’mom, Austin didn’t babysit us very well’ I asked why (and let me tell you a bit freaked out too) and son laughed and said, ‘he didn’t sit on us’


    but seriously, where did that word come from?

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