My Daughter’s Best Friend is Evil


We had five straight days of hot weather. Five days of 80’s and 90’s and running around naked. I’m so tired of our gloomy cool spring. I felt like a bear waking up from hibernation. The sun felt good and I was busy with various outdoor projects. That’s one of the reasons why I disappeared from the blogosphere. But now, the rain has returned and we’re back in the 50’s and 60’s.

On Monday, the Little Princess freaked us out. My wife went to the bus stop to pick up the Little Princess and she wasn’t on it. We found out from the school that the Little Princess missed the school bus. When we asked the Little Princess how did she miss the bus, she told us she didn’t know. Coincidentally, the Little Princess’ best friend, the Annoying Friend, also missed the bus. Something tells me they missed the bus because they were goofing around after school.

My wife and I are not fond of the Annoying Friend. One time we heard the Annoying Friend say she doesn’t want to come over again if another of the Little Princess’ friend will be there. Another time, we found a letter in the Little Princess’ backpack. The letter was from the Annoying Friend and it was about how the Annoying Friend hated another friend of the Little Princess (different from the other friend I already mentioned). We also heard from a mom, who volunteers in their classroom, that the Annoying Friend copies the Little Princess’ school work. Then there was the time the Annoying Friend told us she wanted us to take her home…we just started eating dinner. The Annoying Friend isn’t evil, but I have a bad feeling about her. If she’s like this now (she’s only a second grader), I wonder what’s she going to be like when she’s a teenager.

Now back to our summer like weather:

My little girl on a tire swing

My son in front of the school garden

My Little Princess at a park

35 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Best Friend is Evil

  1. Too bad second graders can’t can their annoying friends and just tell them to bugger off with all their negativity. Sadly it seems this poor kid has a very insecure foundation.

  2. Maybe your daughter is showing compassion to this annoying person by being her friend. Maybe no one else wants to be her friend. A pain for you, but it shows that your daughter is trying to be kind.

  3. Sorry for the weather downturn, I need sunshine. I’m needy that way. LOL I think I could have written the friend part of this one though. I wonder why they annoying ones always stick?


  4. I wouldn’t worry so much about Annoying Friend. When the Friend starts to talk about killing animals and steals things from school and friends, it’s time to back off. One of Patrick’s friends was like this in about third grade. We backed up a bit during fourth and fifth and now this child is heavily into drugs and hasn’t had the same circle of friends as Patrick for some time (they’re both going into ninth grade next year).

    You do what you can, but you know your limits, too. Lots of fun explaining it to the kids and then telling them to keep their mouths shut about why you’re so “busy” lately and can’t have friends over.

  5. Wow. She’s acting like that in second grade? It can only be coming from her parents letting her act that way and not correcting her.
    It looks like y’all had fun at the park. Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  6. Oh Dear god…I was trying to hold my food down for a minute…what with the “running around naked” part and then the hint of photos….


    It was….

    Just those adorable children again….HA HA…

  7. We’re having the same kind of weather. Rain. Gloom. Cold. I do not like it.

    Sorry about the Annoying Friend. I had one of those in grade school. I didn’t realize she was an Annoying Friend until I became an adult and my mom confessed that she could not stand her, for similar reasons. I’m happy to tell you, she faded pretty fast. I hope your Little Princess’ Annoying Friend fades, too.

  8. Yeah the weather is kinda back to normal now. I’m ready to not have hotness. And if we do, I definitely want an Air conditioner this year. LOL

    As for annoying friend, I’m sure it will all turn out. You sound like you’re already watching diligently. Amazing how kids turn out the way they do. I really think it has a lot to do with parents.

  9. I’m in Chicago and our weather is back to being stinky again. It was so nice and warm and then it went back to the 50’s and 60’s. This weekend it’s supposed to be in the 70’s. Last week I was on a cruise and the weather was beautiful. I should of stayed on that ship one more week!

  10. It was supposed to rain here today and **Shocker** it was hot and sunny. gah. Hard to keep up with the program. But, I loved every minute of it!!! ;)

    Girls freak me out truth be told. Your daughter will see the light. We all do eventually when dealing with the ones like that.


  11. Cute pictures. 80’s and 90’s are way too hot for me. 74 degrees is just about perfect.
    I wonder what Annoying Friend’s parents would think of their daughter sending hate notes in other’s backpacks.

  12. you seriously have beautiful kiddos….
    hmmm, what to do w/ annoying friends? I would have no idea what to do with my own annoying friends I couldn’t possibly tell my kids what to do with theirs…

  13. Dealing with your children’s choice in friends is a very touchy subject. I once heard some great advice that I try to implement in my own parenting. You should raise your child in such a manner that they can be trusted to make the right choices even when their friends are not. It’s easier said than done, I know, but that should still be the goal. Right now you have the luxury of deciding who they are and are not allowed to play with, (and that’s fine) but you will not always be there to tell your kids who they associate with. Sooner or later they will need to rely on the teachings and character that you’ve instilled in them.


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