Danger, Fart Coming


A little over a year ago, I mentioned on my blog that you shouldn’t fall asleep when the Little Princess is around. You’re just asking for it if you do. Spiderboy got a dose of it last time:

son with mustache and beard

This time, my wife is the butt of the Little Princess’ prank:

Danger, Fart Coming

Question: Is it possible to pass my sense of humor through my DNA? Or is the Little Princess just naturally gifted?


29 thoughts on “Danger, Fart Coming

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my gosh your kiddos are funny.
    and how touching…it was so hard for me when my youngest started preschool…and I was a mess when kindergarten started…it’s a good thing I’m back in school myself…

    1. Yep, she is funny. She use to hide my slippers when I was tucking my son in. I looked all over the house thinking I misplaced them before I realized the Little Princess hid them. I can’t believe I fell for it so many times.

  2. Hahahaha! That is so funny. She seems to have gotten your sense of humor. I’d be watching out for the “kick me” sign to be hanging on your backside if I were you.

  3. ROFL – I’m thinking there must be some form of passing on myself. Even though mine are adopted I’m amazed at how they pick up my husband’s sense of humor, timing and facial expressions. I’m sure they get only the good things from me. :)


    1. It’s mainly the oldest daughter. Once she hid her brother’s Spiderman toy under her bed. She told us she hasn’t seen it was and we looked all over the house. That little brat.

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