The Family That Pees Together, Stays Together


As a dad, one of my responsibilities is to teach my kids to share. I have tried many, many times. But sharing is a concept my kids don’t understand. I think they might be defective. I would probably have better luck explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Instead of sharing, the kids prefer to continually annoy daddy by fighting over the same toy. Sometimes, they even fight over a piece of lint one of them found on the carpet. A PIECE OF LINT! They are obviously insane (from mommy’s DNA). But after thousands of attempts, my brain washing finally worked. The kids are still insane, but at least they’re sharing the toilet:

kids sharing toilet - daddy forever

photo op in the bathroom - daddy forever


47 thoughts on “The Family That Pees Together, Stays Together

  1. That is too funny!

    I used to pee like that with my cousin. That was a while ago…3 weeks ago.

    Keep smilin!

    1. Yeah, they are on the small size. Makes it hard to buy an outfit that fits. If the shirt fits, the pants are too big. If the pants fit, the shirt is too small. My kids are abnormal.

  2. Too funny! It’s easier to get all boys to pee together – you just make it a competition (quickest, longest-lasting, etc.)

    Who knew I’d be commenting on potty habits today? Ah, parenting.

      1. I made the mistake of doing most of the potty training for my oldest son. Now I have to keep telling him “yes, you can stand and pee. It’s OK.” Aaaarrrrgh!!

  3. I’ve never done this when I was a kid. I can’t imagine my kid doing it as well but imagining it, it is kinda hilarious.

    1. It was totally unexpected for me too. My wife told them to go the bathroom before we leave the house. Usually they fight over who goes first, but not this time.

  4. Yeah, ha ha ha! As if! Though, a couple of years ago I did catch Griffin piddling in the loo while Brylee was sitting on it!!!! And we have 3 toilets in this house! Sharing??? Huh, what’s dat?

  5. hysterical…so my sister and I would do that as kiddos too

    and totally with you on the sharing thing…i’m pretty sure my kids have a defective gene on that score too

      1. Actually girls can pee standing up too, just as well as boys, even through zippers! Most girls just don’t know how for social rather than biological reasons.

        You say your kids pee on the floor… so this may be of interest to your little girl. =)

    1. Right on peepnroosmom. My brother was finally given strict instructions (by ME when I was 10!!!!) that if he didn’t sit and — well I won’t go there — but if he didnlt sit he’d lose his reason to stand! I’m sorry if that is horrible, but I was like that when I was 10 (and still am now I’m 33!).

  6. I remember doing this once with my best friend when I was 8 or 9 years old. That was the only time, but I still remember it, and all the accompanying laughter, all these years later. So, my guess is they might remember this little “experiment” for the rest of their lives, even without the pictures!

  7. Cute! ;-) Anyway……….Your daughter……….As in the older one on the toilet….is……AHH!!! I’LL SAY IT!!!! SHE IS IRISISTABLY CUTE, BEAUTIFUL & HOT!!!!!! How old is she? Man! Bet she’s gonna get chasing boys!!! And I’m probably the first!! :) Anyway, cute children!!!!

      1. Wait, she was ten when you took that picture? Wow…….I haven’t heard of girls her age being that brave for a picture like that…….

  8. ahhhh cute i remember doing that when i was younger (6) with my friend(6) and her sis (4) we were all desperate and couldnt wait so we all just got on and went i was sooooo funny we did the same later when we had to poop but it was just me and my freind this time her sis was with her mum

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