The Pregnant Man


Oregon was in the news again last week. This time because of a news story about a pregnant man living in Oregon (where else would a pregnant man live?) When I first heard the story, I thought it was a hoax. But according to several medical experts, the story is plausible. Apparently, a man can get pregnant if he use to be a woman.

Thomas Beatie, pregnant manThe pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, is transgender and is married to a woman named Nancy. He had a sex change operation many years ago, but kept his reproductive organs. He and his wife want to have children, but Nancy is unable to carry a child because of a hysterectomy. So the couple decided Thomas would discontinue his testosterone injections and get pregnant via artificial insemination. Thomas is now about five months pregnant and will have a baby girl in July.

Holy cow! Can you imagine a world where men get pregnant instead of women? It would be a very different world. For one thing, you can say goodbye to overpopulation. Most guys would stop having sex for fear of getting pregnant. You can also say goodbye to the tradition where complete strangers rub the belly of a pregnant person (what is the deal with that?). I’m fairly certain guys won’t go around rubbing another man’s belly. Doing so would result in a black eye. I speak from experience.

I’m still not convince the pregnant man story is for real. While the story does sound plausible, I’m still expecting someone to shout out, “Ha-ha! Gotcha!” After all, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. So, what do you think, is the pregnancy real or fake?


28 thoughts on “The Pregnant Man

    1. I think my wife would like that idea too, but I’m fairly certain she won’t drive out at 3am to get me something for craving. I think it would be more like, “Get it yourself!”

  1. Yeah i heard about that. and frankly, I don’t really consider it a situation where a man is pregnant. I mean he used to be a woman, so the organs are there. That’s not a man that’s pregnant, it’s just another woman that is pregnant.

    When a man is pregnant, that’ll be the day.

  2. I agree with, he is not a man…sex change or not….he was born with those reproductive organs…therefore he is a woman,as he was intended to be..this irritates me on so many levels…obviously, there are not enough real news stories out there, to have this make headlines..ridiculous, isn’t it?

  3. I second Yoshi- she was born a woman and chose manhood. So she’s got the “parts”. Guess it’ll be a c-section for “him” though :O)

  4. First of all the picture grosses me out.
    Second, he was born a woman so technically he still is a woman.
    Third, isn’t there enough out there for the media to report on besides giving this guy/girl more attention.
    Fourth, what’s up with rubbing a strangers belly? I had so many people come up to me out of the blue and rub my pregnant belly. What?

  5. Hmnnn not sure if it’s real but I did hear about it. I think I would of liked it if my dh would of been pregnant with at least two of our four boys. But then again, if he was able to get pregnant that would mean he was once a girl…so I would be married to a woman. Hmnnn not sure I would like that, we woman can be a pain in the rear.
    I think I just confused myself…time for sleep.

  6. I’m sort of glad Dave can’t get pregnant, because right now, I can end any argument by pointing out that I’ve carried his children. I’m not ready to give that one up. It’s my ace in the hole.

  7. Holy Smoke !!!!!….

    I dunno if I believe it or not.

    Do you think he is poking it out or what?

    I mean my DH has at least an 8 month belly….shhhhhhhh dont tell him I said that !….

  8. It all seems a bit sick to me…. but if he/she had female internal organs… I just hope he/she still has female externals as well, otherwise it’s a C-section for him/her! It’s still yuk .

  9. Wowzer. I think I’m with Yoshi on the idea that if it was a woman’s body and those organs are used (assuming it is legit) then it’s not the same as a man getting/being pregnant. I still can’t see how any of the male organs fit in with the delivery – – – it makes me think of that old movie “Junior”. LOL


  10. I think it could be for real and in some ways, it won’t be much of a miracle seeing as he used to be a former woman. He still has all the necessary items to bear a child.

    Most likely a hoax though.

  11. I have to say it’s probably a hoax, although a fairly well written one. From what I understand, years of hormones makes any of the female reproductive organs totally inactive.

    It is sad that doctors refuse to treat transgender people. That part is true.

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