Easter Weekend


Did everyone have a good Easter? It wasn’t raining on Saturday so we took the kids to the park and then ditched them. But they left a bread crump trail and found their way back to our gingerbread house. So much for our quiet weekend at home.

Over the weekend, we also placed graffiti on eggs and hunted for candy-filled eggs. This makes me wonder, what does the Easter Bunny, eggs, and candy have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Same deal with the birth of Christ and Christmas trees and presents. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not criticizing our traditions. I’m just curious how these religious events developed into today’s holiday traditions. But regardless of how it came about, our kids had a good time over Easter weekend.


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  1. Good post, good questions and awesome pics.

    I was pretty sad yesterday that we didnt have any fun, Easter plans and then I started thinking. We celbrate Easter all over the world because of the resurrection but why? I need to be celebrating every day

  2. Great pics, Happy Easter…

    Here’s the shortest answer I found to your question, but there are much longer ones if you google it:

    The legend of the Easter Bunny is far from a modern invention. Long ago (roughly a thousand years or more), the rabbit was the earthly symbol of the pagan goddess Eastre, and was worshipped in the pagan festival of Eastre.

    Easter bunny: Germans brought the legend of the Easter rabbit to America, though Easter itself wasn’t widely celebrated in America until after the Civil War.

    The hare has long been a symbol of fertility and renewal of life — which fit in with the Christian tradition of Easter and the tradition of Easter eggs.

  3. You know, I had the same questions with my hubby yesterday….don’t understand what the easter bunny/eggs, etc have to do with the crucifixtion and ressurection of Christ..but, we partake in the commercialism of it and every other holiday too….I did make it a point to discuss with my kids what the true meaning behind Easter was…for Christian folk.
    Looks like your family had a wonderful day as well…now, we are all clear on the holidays, at least for a couple more months..then there is Memorial day and Fourth of July…Oy! This year is flying by….

  4. I never knew that easter had any religious affiliations until I grew much older. pretty funny. I just though easter was just another fun holiday to eat candy and look for easter eggs. :D Go figure.

    And great pictures! they’re so cute!

  5. Great pics! It looks like you and your family had a fun Easter. That is a TON of eggs your kids colored. Did they eat any of them? You know the boiled eggs or were they raw ones? We colored boiled eggs for the deviled eggs for lunch then colored some raw ones for breakfast the next day. Luckily none of them got broken.

    1. Is 30 eggs too many? I think so. We have a lot of devil eggs and egg salad. I have to either eat it all myself or throw them out at some point because my wife and kids are out of town for spring break.

  6. so glad you guys had a neat Easter, as did us! Your kids are adorable, and your littlest girl has the cutest wee button nose, just like my new granddaughter!

    1. The kids obviously get their adorableness from me. Congrats on being a grandmother again! If you’re lucky, the baby will move in with you too. That’s exactly what you need, more kids.

      1. Oh, how fun! Yeah, you should tolalty just have random easter egg hunts throughout the year. Thta would be fun…or maybe that would take the magic out of it. I don’t know. tough decisions.

  7. Today we celebrated my sister’s 8th bday … I was thinking that I could throw her a big bash next year … hmm …

    As for Easter, it was pretty silent. We’re really not into the whole easter egg thing. Hehe.

  8. Love the shares! We had a great weekend too – I hope to get around to sharing our Easter pics soon. I’m with you on the traditions and questions. Even though I’ve heard many times the associations for symbols it sure seems to me that there’s barely a line of connection anymore.


  9. Happy Easter! We were up in Estes Park over the weekend since our anniversary was also on this weekend. Grammy and Grampa did the Easter Egg Hunt with them and then we had them for lunch and dinner.

    I could go into the pagan influences and then the commercialistic (is that really a word?) influences on our holidays, and then debate which came first, the pagan or the Christian holidays, but you probably have better things to do. Like eating more Easter candy…

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