He Was Adopted


Before I became a dad, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, I’ve never had kids before and had no idea on how to raise kids. Even though I was clueless, I never thought I would have a conversation like this:

Spiderboy: Eat it, eat it.

Daddy Forever: No.

Spiderboy: Eat it, you might like it.

Daddy Forever: No, I won’t like it.

Spiderboy: You don’t know unless you try.

Daddy Forever: I know I won’t like it.

Spiderboy: Try it, try it.

Daddy Forever: No, I’m not going to eat poop!

My son with his cool Chinese hat

30 thoughts on “He Was Adopted

  1. LOL oh what a boy!!! I love that gross behavior…I am a very good boy mom. I miss having a little boy in the house…can I borrow yours. Although I won’t eat poop!

  2. Mate, you ain’t lived till you have had Bacon N Egg Pie, the recipe is on my blog… March 8th I think… make a smaller version…. you have to try it!

  3. Ha ha ha ha, that’s definitely something that would be said around our house and definitely something that before the child, we would have never expected to have to hear, much less respond to… AGH!

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