A Message in a Bottle


Desert Songbird (The Ice Box) tagged me for the Message in a Bottle meme. There are some rules for the meme, but I’m just going to ignore the rules and do my own thing (big surprise). Here goes.

First, if I was going to place a message in a bottle, I would actually place two messages. The first message would just be a short note stating, if found, please mail the enclosed letter to Mommy Forever at blah, blah address. The second message would go something like this:

To My Love,

I just wanted to write a note to tell you I love you. I’m a better person because of you. You took me from my world of Jedi Knights and Star Fleet, and replaced it with the world of baby wipes and Diaper Genie. And I love you for it. In my sci-fi world, I use to dream of traveling to the stars. Now I live with the brightest and most beautiful star of all. I was born to love you and will love you forever.

I know this is a strange way to express my feelings. So unlike me. But I wanted to do something different for a change. That’s why I’m going to place this message in a bottle and kiss it goodbye. I’ll seal it with my love and toss it into the sea. The bottle will travel far and wide, and may even cross the oceans several times. But no matter how far it travels or how much time goes by, my love will guide this note to you. And when you get this letter and hold it in your hand, you will know what I have always known. You and I are meant to be.

Love you forever and ever,
Daddy Forever


17 thoughts on “A Message in a Bottle

  1. how sweet. :D Hey, i’m going to be in your area today! If you’ve got time, i’m going to the powell’s bookstore in beaverton for a book signing. I’ll be there with Katie from katscratchfever.com if you’d like to join up and do a mini blogger meetup. :D

  2. You got me weeping like a school girl! That was beautiful :D

    It’s so rare that 2 people can find such love, in a world of divorce and scandal… you two are so lucky to have each other. *sniff*

    Well done!

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