7 Weird Things


Kris (The Mad Race for Macey) tagged me for the 7 Weird Things About Me meme. [Question: Why do people think of me when they hear the word weird?]

(1) At least once a day, I call my kids by the wrong name. I really don’t know why. It’s not like I can’t tell them apart. And I do know their names. Really, I do. Maybe I should stick to hey you.

(2) I don’t flirt. I have never flirted. I don’t even know how to flirt. In fact, when people flirt with me, I don’t even know they are flirting with me. I say this because a friend of my wife stayed with us for about a week. After she left, my wife yelled at me for letting her friend flirt with me for the entire week. Honestly, during the whole time, I didn’t know she was flirting with me. I thought she was just friendly because she’s Canadian, ay.

(3) My wife and I sleep in different rooms. Isn’t that weird? I moved the Little Monkey out of the master bedroom so my wife and I could have the room to ourselves, but my wife went with the Little Monkey. And when my wife left, my son decided to move in. According to him, the master bedroom is his bedroom and his other bedroom is his playroom. Now, instead of snuggling with my wife every night, I snuggle with my son. I love my son, but snuggling with my son isn’t the same as snuggling with my wife. For instance, I recently woke up with a booger stuck in my hair. I never had that problem when I snuggled with my wife.

(4) When my wife use to sleep with me, she made me sleep on the right side because that’s the side closest to the window. Her theory was that if someone broke in through the window, they’ll kidnapped me instead of her. Ummm, our bedroom is upstairs and thank you for your concern, honey.

(5) If I wasn’t married, people might think I’m a monk. I don’t drink, smoke, or use bad words. But that doesn’t stop my kids from accusing me of using the “S” word — stupid. That’s right, stupid. In our family, stupid is a bad word. Earlier this month, the Little Princess heard me say Stupid Tuesday instead of Super Tuesday. So naturally, the Little Princess shouts out, “Mommy, daddy said a bad word!” Tattletale.

(6) I’m a very mature person. Really, I am. For instance, when my wife hurts my feeling, I tell her, “When I grow-up, I’m going to run away.” See how mature I am. Apparently, I’m also a good influence. Lately, the two youngest kids have been telling Mommy Forever they’re going to run away with me too.

(7) We’re not Buddhists, but we have Buddha statues all over the house. Personally, I wish we could replace all the Buddha statues with either life-size superhero action figures or Victoria Secret models.

Cool Buddha

36 thoughts on “7 Weird Things

  1. Stupid is a bad word in our house too…but my older one (8) got ‘stupid’ saying rights if he doesn’t say it about a person….he was so proud said if for a couple days, the younger one kept asking him to say it, now neither of them say it…

    And yes, I can’t keep my kids’ names straight either…I even throw the dog’s name in there sometimes too!

  2. I think I might actually like seeing your house decked out in superhero statues and shrines. Somehow, that would work with you. Cuz, you know, you’re weird.

  3. I’m not sure if not flirting is weird. Or sleeping in separate rooms all that weird. I know so many couples that seem to do that. Some of the reasons seem off the wall though. That could be weird.

    But I think of you all the time when I hear about weird stuff. :P

  4. Ah the great “S” word. My kids are tattletales too. At least you come up with weird things that are fun and interesting to share. Things I think of are either too _________ (fill in the blank for your mood) to share or just plain “S”. LOL


  5. The “S” word is a big no-no in our house, too. The funny thing is, some of the actual bad ones just fly by.

    Dave also claims that he cannot flirt and is unable to detect flirting of any kind. This makes me suspicious.

    Loved your seven things! Very funny.

  6. I constantly call my kids by the wrong names. I have even been known to call them by our dog’s name. Once, there was a pesky fly buzzing around in the house, and as I swatted at it, I actually called the fly by the dog’s name. My husband says having four kids has caused me to lose a little bit upstairs, LOL!

  7. LOL loved your 7 weird things. I especially loved the one about the kidnapper taking you instead of your wife…this is the way I think. I make my husband sleep on the left side of the bed. This way if someone bust in to our room they will take him first. Hey, in this house, every man/woman (I would save my girls) for themselves. : )

  8. Oh dear, you don’t use bad words? Why the hell do you read my blog then man???? I have a potty mouth! And I can relate to calling my kids by the wrong name! I do have 8 of them though, so I can be forgiven for getting them muddled up sometimes!

  9. What a great Meme….and I too call my kids by different names….and hubby and I don’t sleep together either..only because he snores…do you or your wife snore? Love the buddha statue though.

    1. Guilty, I snore. But that’s only a problem if I sleep first, which I rarely do. My wife sleeps with the girls because she finds it easier to get the Little Monkey back to sleep if she’s already in bed with her.

  10. Funny about the name thing. But don’t worry, its not just you. I have four sisters and our dad goes through all of our names when he is addressing any of us. My mom does it too. AND I have five cats and a dog, and I sometimes catch myself doing it with them. Its just that there are multiples. It gets confusing when there is mulitiples :)


  11. ewwwww. A booger in your hair???? The things I get to look forward to. Hubby and I sleep in different rooms a lot, too. He snores and this way I don’t kill him. It’s win/win.

  12. I used to think im a monk too because i don’t drink and smoke and never uses a bad word either. guess they don’t make much of us anymore huh? =)

  13. My husband and I sleep in separate beds too. Unfortunately we share a room with Emma. And she crawls into bed with who ever goes to be first, leaving the other to sleep in her bed. BUT we are used to this… before Em was born Anna would come into our room in the wee hours and ask one of us to sleep with her. It’s a miracle we had Emma, literally. LOL!

  14. Interesting, I’ve always wondered if it was just my family that got names wrong! The names I get right are the dog and the cats. Sometimes I get names wrong here at work, but then we just say “hey crackhead!!!” to each other. Somebody (either a deputy waiting to razz me back or an inmate looking up to see if we’re talking to them) will respond!

    Sorry you guys sleep in separate rooms. DH and I sleep separately too, but that’s separate hours, not separate beds!

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