Daddy Forever the Musical


Look at what New Diva asked me:

Daddy Forever you seem to be taking forever in between your posts…what gives?

Excellent question. I was actually hoping no one would notice I went from posting three times a week to just once a week. I’m also not in the blogosphere as often as I use to be and I comment less often now. Why? Let’s see, last month I blamed the stomach bug for taking me away from the blogosphere. This month, I’m blaming my wife. Actually, I’m not sure she’s really my wife. I think she was abducted by aliens and replaced with a nympho. I shouldn’t complain, but she’s wearing me out. Plus I think IT will fall off if my wife doesn’t give me a break soon. Then what I am suppose do? Go to the the ER and have them stitch IT back on?

All kidding aside, I’ve been busy (like most of you). Lately, I have been doing my taxes for our family and also for my business. I’m one of those people who go through the receipts once a year instead of daily, weekly, or monthly. Hopefully, I can finish my taxes soon so I can have more time for blogging and watching movies (I’ve only rented one movie in over two months).

Speaking of movies, we recently rented Hairspray. The Little Princess loved it. Musicals are about the only type of movies the Little Princess and I both like. Normally, she thinks my movies are too scary and I think her movies are too girly. So, here’s the new poll question. What’s your favorite musical? Sorry if your favorite is not listed. I only listed the first six musicals that came to me.

favorite musical poll


31 thoughts on “Daddy Forever the Musical

  1. Tax time – yuck. Hubby works as a contractor, but luckily he has the option of working W2 instead of 1099, so our taxes are much simpler than they could be. Still…

    Eh. When you post, I come. No biggie. Still, would be nice to see you more often. Hope the taxes go well, and I hope IT stays put!

  2. So THAT’S what you do during those fifteen days of Chinese new year!

    As for musicals, I’d say Chicago except that my wife gets WAY too much enjoyment from the Cell Block Tango. Sound of Music was my pick.

  3. Hey, dude..I know how it is….and hubby has been wearing me out too…hence, the Nashville trips…more than I can handle. LOL…anyway, yeah, we have missed you around here….it will be great when you have more time to hang out in the blogosphere!
    I love, love Grease and Hairspray is a close second. What did you think?

  4. I’m sorry, you’ve been having too much WHAT? Sheesh man. I’ve been divorced and dateless for 3 years. The next guy that comes along is in for it. :)

  5. I could not vote for Grease (it is a universal favorite) after I watched it again a few years ago (as a VERY mature adult) and was appalled at the language, sexual connotations, the teenage pregnancy, the back seat of a car type of scenes, and on and on…. Can’t let the kids watch this….

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