Happy Holidays


Good-bye, readers. This is my last post of the year. I’ll be away from the blogosphere until next year. I have to repair several tears in the time-space continuum. Once again, I have to save the universe so everyone can enjoy the holidays. It isn’t easy being a superhero, but with great power, comes great responsibility.

BTW, I got an early Christmas present from my two-year old. Yesterday, the Little Monkey said to me, “Daddy, I love you.” Isn’t that an awesome present? Have a great Christmas everyone and may the Force be with you!

Christmas 2007

35 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Little Monkey said she loves you?! How wonderful is that?!!!! See? And you were afraid you weren’t bonding with her.

    What a wonderful Christmas present for you, K.

    Wishing you and the Forever Family a joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

  2. Great picture dude! What’s spiderboy looking at? When we take our kids’ Christmas pictures the outtakes are almost as good as the keepers.

    Yoda told me to tell you, “Enjoy your family you should! Hmm? Blog later!”

    1. I hope they really mean it. She actually said it when mommy asked her if she loved mommy. And she replied with “Daddy, I love you” instead. I’m glad I was there when she said it. Merry Christmas!

  3. I hope you had a great holiday…. It’s time for you to start blogging again! Happy New Year… hope the time-space continum thing is all patched up!

  4. While surfing on the Net I found your blog, I stopped at it to have a rest and I explored it. There is interesting stuff displayed. Now I continue my surfing…
    Make a stop at my blog, if you wish. Happy new year! Ciao.

  5. Here is to hoping that you had a good holiday .. and a very Happy New Year to you all!

    Hope you got that continum thing all patched up .. I hear that can be tridky ;)

  6. Your daughter gave you one of the best gifts a parent could ask for. I hope that your holidays were great and that you and your family have a wonderful blessed year. I enjoy reading your blog and hope that you will return soon!

  7. When are you going to rejoin the land of the blogging??? We miss ya dude! What is uppppppppppppp????????? I have a prezzy for you…some bloggy buddy bling…come over for and get it…..

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