The New Booger School


Last week, I bragged that I wasn’t sick even though my wife and the two oldest kids were sick. I should have knocked on wood or offer some sort of sacrifice. By the end of last week, I got the stomach bug too. I hate the stomach flu. I rather have the one where you are so sick you have to lie in bed all day while Victoria Secret models serve you breakfast in bed and massage your aching body. A little to the right, a little more, perfect! Instead, I get the stinky breath illness that involves vomiting all day. I’m glad I can’t get pregnant because there is no way I could live with nausea for nine months.

Also last week, the school board announced their final decision on the new school boundary. The county is building a new school in our area and our neighborhood is part of the new school’s boundaries. When the boundaries were announced last spring, our neighborhood was not included in the new boundary. The affected neighborhoods protested, casted spells, and hired some guy named Voldemort. So the school board redrew the boundaries while our neighborhood was busy with silly things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping. Now our kids has to go to the new school. Nice.

No one really wants to go to the new school. It’s a big question mark, probably smells funny, and has a name that sounds like booger. On the other hand, our current school is minty fresh and one of the best school in the metro area (according to standardized tests and because I said so). In addition, the current school is closer, has an established PTO/PTA, has processes in place, and there’s even a money tree growing on the playground.

Even though the new school doesn’t open until the 2009-10 school year, the Little Princess is already sad. She cried when her friend told her she has to go to a different school. No matter which school my daughter goes to, she will lose classmates. However, she’ll lose fewer classmates if she stayed at her current school. The Little Princess isn’t very fond of change. She’s going to live with us forever. Mommy and daddy are not even allowed to die.

Do you know what else bothers me about the new school? It’s going to be a K-8 school. Currently, the Little Princess goes to a K-5 school. My worry is that the older kids will pick on the younger kids. Teachers can’t be everywhere, right? I went to a K-8 school until the 8th grade, but that was during the Dark Ages and I don’t remember much about the pummeling. Anyone with young kids in a K-8 school?


18 thoughts on “The New Booger School

  1. I want to hire you to write my blog posts. I want
    you to have an indentical twin that lives next door
    to me and decides to marry me.

    I don’t LAUGH OUT LOUD reading blog posts.
    I just don’t. It’s not my style.

    But I just did. Like, 3 or 4 times. Loud enough to
    startle the Boob.

    I had a best friend who people feared so I never got
    pummeled. She was like my gaurd.

    I’ll send some anti-aging cream for Christmas. That not
    dying thing could get ugly.

  2. Never say things like “I haven’t gotten sick” without knocking on wood first. Never.
    Changing schools is always hard on the little ones. But at least your kids can get the state of the art stuff like new computers and not the old stuff. Maybe some of the teachers will move, too.

  3. My kids go to a K-8 school. The third grader is pretty much segregated from the middle-schoolers. He has virtually no interaction with them (no playground time, no lunch time, no assemblies).

    My daughter’s 6th grade classes are in the same “pod” as the 7th and 8th grade, but she has little contact with them. Even her band is only 5th and 6th grade; 7th and 8th grade has their own band.

    I love that my kids are on the same campus, and it will be the BEST SCHOOL when we get our new principal next school year. YIPPEE! YAY! (BTW – thanks for your help with that, K.)

  4. I’m sorry you got sick! I hope you’re feeling better.

    I don’t think I’d be crazy about a K-8 school. That’s a wide range of ages. I went to a K-6, then a 7 – 12. I hope all goes well with the new school. It’s a big change!

  5. So sorry to hear about the flu – I’m such a wimp with nausea as well! Hope you’re feeling much better.

    On the school thing I agree that K-8 is too big/inclusive. I’d worry about all the same things. Maybe you should hire Dumbledore (I’m thinking he’s around like Obewon Kanobi somewhere) to fight your counter battle.


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