Seven Things on My Mind


Here are some thoughts on my mind lately:

(1) Why does my son say, “hubba-hubba” when he walks by the Victoria’s Secret store?

(2) We’re a real city now. Ikea finally opened up a store in our state. I love how Ikea showcases the merchandise, but’s what the deal with selling desk lamps without the bulb? Not a problem if the lamp uses a regular bulb, but my lamp doesn’t. Shouldn’t the box say something like, “bulb not included.” Same issue with their storage boxes. Why do lids cost extra?

(3) The Little Princess and Mommy Forever have the flu. I don’t. A bit ironic considering I didn’t get a flu shot and they did.

(4) Spiderboy has a cold. He’s OK during the day, but at night, his nose runs and he has trouble breathing. Makes it hard to tuck him in. Children’s cold medicine isn’t considered safe anymore. So, what to do, what to do.

(5) I think my son might be a Neanderthal. His head is bigger than his older sister’s head, but he’s not as bright. When I cuddle with him at night, it feels like I’m snuggling with a boulder.

(6) Shouldn’t the broomsticks in the Harry Potter stories have a saddle or seat? Flying around while sitting on a stick doesn’t seem very comfortable to me.

(7) Why do people give Christmas presents? Wouldn’t it be better if kids got one present a month instead of 12 presents on one day?


32 thoughts on “Seven Things on My Mind

  1. I like the Present idea… I already spoil my kids too much, this would limit extras to one a month ;)

    If you are talking about the recent email that has been going around about cold medicine, the info WAS true but it is outdated (circa 2002?).

    Read these, and you will feel OK about using meds for your kids again:

    1. Thanks! I’ll take a look at your links (and blog) soon. I was talking about the recent recommendations by the FDA committee. But it doesn’t matter now because now my son has the stomach flu. A cold for 5 days. Now the flu. Poor guy.

  2. Absolutely hysterical :-)
    The Present idea is great!!
    You are very random and really fun to read!
    Thanks for stopping in and you must try fried pickles!! They’re fabulous, no need for stinky swamp juice… but fried pickles are an addiction! ;-)

  3. 1) I say Hubba-Hubba when I walk by that store too!
    2)IKEA is the holyland…love it there!
    3)Yes it is Alanis Morrissette.
    4) Wish I knew. Hope he feels better soon.
    5) Full of good thoughts! Or not. He is adorable nevertheless and that will help him in life.
    6) I KNOW!!!
    7) I would like monthly presents too! You should start a petition or a campaign!

    Tee hee!

    Keep smilin!

  4. My husband has my boys doing the same thing…instead of hubba hubba….they say Hot Mama…lol…
    I have never been to an IKEA..but I have heard fabulous things about them…I have gotten the flu shot and gotten the flu before too…now, I don’t get them….still, we are a puny bunch over at my house..
    My kids still get monthly presents, everytime we go somewhere, they want something…so for “allowance”..we let them pick out a cheap something once a month….then still give them Christmas…they are probably saying under their breaths..”suckers”….
    Love your post today!

  5. #1 your son learned from you, I’m sure. Like father, like son. Figures.

    I hadn’t heard about cold medicines being unsafe for kids. Where have I been?

    As far as the broom thing, don’t you think it’s probably a magical thing? No sore butt!

  6. Funny, my husband and son say the same thing when they pass by there, too.
    I heart IKEA.
    Sad about the kid’s cold medicines, but they usually never work anyway.
    Spiderboy is cute no matter what size his noggin is.
    About the broom stick, John calls my vacuum cleaner my little blue convertible.

  7. Sorry mommy and princess are sick. But, I have to tell you, the flu shot does not guard against the stomach flu. It’s only for hemophyllus influenza which is really a respiratory condition. When I worked as a nurse in a doctors office, I always had to remind our patients that the flu vaccine does not protect against the stomach bug. :0(

    funny about Hubba Hubba… perhaps forever daddy has mentioned that a time or two.. LOL

  8. I bet you say Hubba hubba and he’s just copying you! Typical bloke eh? As for the rest… I too tired to comment on mate, trying to read and comment on over 200 missed blogs while I’ve been house hunting!

  9. I’m so jealous of your IKEA. The nearest one to us is at least two hours away.

    As for a replacement to cold medicine, try apple cider vinegar! You can rub it on his chest and it will help settle his breathing and congestion. It’s even better to put a teaspoon in a cup of warm water and have him sip it. It tastes awful, but it really works to clear up a cold. I wouldn’t have believed it, but I tried it with Julia and it worked wonders.

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

  10. Congratulations! You only have seven thoughts on your mind, not too many to create a stress. *Just Kidding*. Anyway, hope your kids and your wife get well soon.

  11. Hmmm, snuggling with a boulder. Sounds cozy :O)
    As for xmas gifts. A friend of mine only gives
    3 each to her kids. She tells them the story of Christ’s
    birth and that he was brought 3 gifts…

    1. We don’t actually give our kids 12 gifts. But it’s about 12 each when we include the gifts from friends and family. Maybe I should keep everything for myself after the kids reach their 3 gifts limit.

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