I am Woman


Trouble from Chicago started a rumor about me. On her blog, Trouble called me a mommy blogger. I am not a mommy blogger. I’m a man and a daddy blogger. So what if I use to own a neon pink bike. I thought my bike was cool. And so what if I own a Helen Reddy CD. That doesn’t make me a woman. Maybe a sissy, but not a woman. Speaking of Helen Reddy, isn’t I am Woman one of the greatest song ever? And no, this still doesn’t make me a woman.

I also want to go on record to say my son really is a boy and not a girl. I have no idea why some people might think he’s a girl:

[removed by YouTube]

My son the fairy

32 thoughts on “I am Woman

  1. What’s that Shakespearian quote…”Methinks he doth protest too much on his quaint little blog”?. And the new nickname for me? I’d be mad if it didn’t fit so well.

    Your son isn’t alone. Lots and lots of boys end up as princesses at our house (especially the ones who live in a all-boy house). Who doesn’t love a pretty gown?

  2. Ha ha! He still dances like a boy!!!! Too cute mate. I do believe all boys get into their sister’s clothes at least once…. your son looks darn cute as a girl! Now let’s see you in the wife’s get up eh???? Awwwww come on ….. NO?

  3. Oh my gosh!
    I have pictures like that of our own little man!! LOL!
    You are soooo a daddy blogger and we adore you and all your daddy testosterone wisdom and wit!!
    I have a pic of my little man in a cheerleader costume… it may be a WW next week :-)
    Thanks for the giggles ;-) and thanks for stopping in :-)

  4. Ha! I really needed that laugh this morning. That is so funny!
    I think every boy dresses up or is dressed up in girl clothes. When Peep was little Susie dressed him up sort of like that and they got married. He haaaates that picture. I got several. One of them kissing, dancing, holding hands and “saying their vows.” So funny.

  5. Let’s see, you’ve got posts titled “I’m a Barbie Girl” and “I am Woman.”

    With three boys, the only dresses in our house belong to my wife. It will be years until the boys fit into those, and I really hope they’ve grown out of the “dress up” phase by then.

  6. The video is priceless! Oh, I love it! The music made it extra special, too.

    I had a cousin I used to dress up in my girlie clothes. I gave his new bride a picture of that when they were married earlier this year. She definitely appreciated it!

  7. OH MY.

    That is too classic.

    If it were up to my wife, my boys would have been doing the same thing – of course, I always intervened – that stuff could scar ’em for life – I should know – I remember thinking it was a good idea to dress up as a girl for halloween one year – still haunts me to this day.

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