The Underblog Award and the Storm of the Decade


[Updated with photos at bottom]

Underblog AwardDixie Chick gave me the Underblog Award. Isn’t she sweet? I must not deserve the award because our area was recently hit with three storms in a row. Back to back to back. First came the snow storm on Saturday. It didn’t last long, but it was cold and windy the entire day. The second and third storms came Saturday evening or Sunday morning and didn’t end until Monday evening. The last two storms brought lots of rain and powerful winds. A hurricane-force warning was even issued for the Oregon coast. We didn’t actually have a hurricane. In fact, hurricanes are not even on the menu in Oregon. Apparently, when the wind gusts to 129 mph, that makes the official wind person of the 2008 Olympics issue a hurricane-force warning.

Luckily for us, our area wasn’t hit as bad as other parts of the Northwest. We had lots of rain and wind, but everyone is safe. We didn’t have any floods or major damages to the house. However, our house did spring a leak. I have no idea where the leak came from. Even after I removed the drywall, I still couldn’t find the source of the leak. I think this is going to be a long winter.

Other areas — especially cities along the coast — were not as lucky. The winds tore off roofs and knocked down trees, power lines, and phone lines. The rain caused major flooding. Tens of thousands of people have no power and had to leave their homes. Most of the roads leading to the areas hardest hit by the storms are also closed so it’s hard to get in and out of the affected cities. As a result, people are starting to run out of food and other supplies. I feel really bad for those people.

Normally, our winters are relatively mild. In fact, we have not had a storm like this in over ten years. I know, our storm of the decade is wimpy compared to the hurricanes people face in other parts of the country. But around here, it’s big news.

Below are some photos from The Oregonian, our local newspaper.

Oregon Flood 2007

Oregon Flood 2007

Oregon Flood 2007

Oregon Flood 2007


22 thoughts on “The Underblog Award and the Storm of the Decade

  1. Wow that sounds like some storm. I’m glad there was little or no damage.
    I am one of those weird people who love thunderstorms. Not hurricanes, thunderstorms. When Peep was a baby we had a hurricane here which is almost unheard of. We lost power for three days. What was so funny about this is about 9 months later there was a Baby Boom in our area. Ha Ha!

  2. Holy cow!
    Maybe it was the cosmos showing you how much they approve of your getting the award.?. No?
    Well, it was worth a shot!
    Thanks for the comment, and welcome back :-)

  3. Wow, I’d say move to Florida but that won’t help.
    I know we have it bad here, but that sounds pretty
    awful, and winds that high are pretty rare even in
    your average hurricane (once they make landfall that is).
    I’m glad you guys are okay but thanks for letting me
    know about this. I’m horrible about turning my TV on.

  4. Whoa, glad you guys are OK! We recently had ice storms and our electricity almost went out a few times. Luckily we were one of a few ‘hoods that didn’t lose power. If we had, i would have been burning books in my fireplace! ;)

  5. What a mess. I haven’t even checked in with all of the family (in the Tacoma and Seattle areas) to find out if they survived this. Glad to hear you’re fine, even if the house has sprung a leak!

    1. Parts of Washington were flooded too. A stretch of I-5 between Portland and Seattle is under water and won’t be open until next week. And there’s a Seahawks game this weekend!

  6. So glad to know that you and your family are safe and have had no damages to your home…from the news, I can see so many or not so lucky….I feel bad about whining about the little bit of snow we had yesterday…..

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