She Left Me with Two Sick Kids


We’ve been sick lately. Actually, everyone in our family has been sick except me. A couple of weeks ago, my wife got the stomach flu. Then Little Monkey got the bug. Now the Little Princess and Spiderboy are sick. I could be next, but luckily I’m not human and therefore immune to puny viruses from the planet Earth.

For the last five days, Spiderboy has been clinging to me even more than normal, which makes it hard for me to work, blog, or pee. The nights are even worse. That’s when he burns up to over 2000 degrees. He wakes up about every 30 minutes and I have to snuggle with him to get him back to sleep. Snuggling actually makes things worse because he’s so hot that he makes me hot, which in turn makes him go supernova. Last Sunday, the temperature in our area dipped to the 40’s and only reached a high of 64. But Spiderboy was making me so hot that I wanted to turn on the air conditioning (but I didn’t because that would be insane).

On Sunday, we were suppose to meet my cousins for lunch to see the new baby. Then we were suppose to head north for a mini-reunion with my wife’s old high school friends. But since the kids were sick, we couldn’t go. Actually, I couldn’t go because my wife left me at home with the two sick kids. Can you believe that? I had to take care of the sick kids while my wife was having lunch with MY cousins. Then she went to her mini-reunion at her friend’s house and didn’t return until seven hours later. There must have been a tear in the time-space continuum. From my point of view, it was more like seven days later. I did mention my kids were sick…and whiny…and clingy…and vomiting, right?

Take a look at the photos below. The first one is a photo of the Little Princess while I was taking care of her. The second photo was taken the same day after my wife came home. Why did I get stuck with the sick version when my wife got the playful one? And look, even though Spiderboy was sick, he still tried to cover his face.

Little Princess is sick

Little Princess not sick

Spiderboy sick


24 thoughts on “She Left Me with Two Sick Kids

  1. Awwww, you poor thing. I’m so sorry for you…NOT! Seriously, I’m sorry the kids are ill and hope they’re feeling better.

    I’d kill for temps like yours, except my condition actually worsens in the damp weather. So, ironically enough, I feel better when it’s hot and dry.

  2. Aww poor kids! Spiderboy looks like he is giving the hands over the face thing a half-hearted attempt. :)

    I hope you guys are back to feeling normal soon.

  3. It’s so sad when kids get sick. They look and feel miserable. I’m sorry that you had to stay with them. The good thing is that you helped keep your wife sane and happy. You are a good husband! I’m going to e-mail this to my husband.

  4. Princess was happy and feeling better because Mommy brought her back a green bag full of goodies.
    Sick kids are so pitiful. I hope yours are feeling better soon. And that you don’t get it. But if you do, look at all the kids that can “help” you feel better!

  5. Hey glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing better. Are you certain that Spiderboy isn’t actually The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four!?

    You’d think you’d have passed on some of your alien immunities to your children!

  6. Hope you guys are all doing better. I really feel for you. My husband routinely leaves me with whiny kids… And recently I’ve been stuck with a teething ones… Who, of course, is a happy playful version of himself when dad gets home…

  7. I’m lucky… I don’t know what having a sick kid is like. Which is weird when I have a 28 month toddler, and an almost 8 month baby! Hmmm, I better go find some wood to knock on.

  8. awww are you the best dad ever – or what?I sure do know what that is like. it is funny how they bounce back isn’t it? they can be 105 and you are dunking them in ice water and the next day you are pulling them out of trees. it never ceases to amaze.

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