Capturing His Soul


Spiderboy is going through a phase. I use to be able take pictures of my son without much effort. Now it’s a struggle. Whenever Spiderboy sees the camera pointed in his direction, he runs away or covers up his face. It’s like he thinks I’m trying to capture his soul with the camera. I hope he gets over this phase soon. Otherwise, we’ll be mailing out Christmas cards that will look something like these (I also have about 100 photos of the back of his head):

Spiderboy at hidingSpiderboy at Shrek movie
Spiderboy at Home DepotSpiderboy playing peekaboo

17 thoughts on “Capturing His Soul

  1. Well, these are an improvement – at least he’s in the photos and we can see part of his face!

    He’ll outgrow it. Or, at least, I think he will. My kids have never beens shy in front of the camera, so I have no experience with this!

  2. Julia usually gets his dead look on her face when I bring out the camera, until recently. Now, she’ll ask, “Mom, will you take a picture?” And when she says or does something funny, she’ll ask me if we can “put it on my computer,” meaning take a video.

    I hope Spiderboy grows out of his phase. My dad went through a phase like that. Actually, he’s still going through it. There are only a handful of photos of my father from birth to present day. He flees from the camera. And if he can’t get away from it, he won’t look at it. So, most of the pictures we actually have are of the side of his face.

  3. ROFL – My son went just the opposite. You can find dozens of photos with him as toddler in tears whenever a camera came near…now he poses with the best of them! Spiderboy may be covering his face but I see a smile in every one of those photos!


  4. If Spiderboy likes to cover his eyes, how about getting Princess M to cover her ears and Monkey K to cover her mouth. Then you’ll have See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil :)

  5. Anna is doing the same thing… we went to 6 flags with the hubby’s brother and family and Anna did this the whole time. I actually got a couple of good shots of her her butt though ;)

  6. Try sitting him down and showing him photos. Lanie would hide her face when we tried to take a picture, but now we show her the pictures on the camera, and past pictures and she’s become a ham!

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