The Sun Melted My Kids


Last week, I had one of those moments where I felt like the luckiest dad in the world. While my wife was shopping, I was running around outside chasing the three kids. The kids and I were laughing and having a great time. It was fun. The kids were not whining, poking each other in the eye, or hitting each other with plastic bats. It was like a dream.

Then the dream ended.

The little monkey got hot and tired and wanted me to carry her. The two older kids still wanted me to chase them so I had to run around with the little monkey in my arms. The little monkey may be little, but she is far from being light. Then the heat melted the little princess’ personality and she began to whine. Every ten seconds for the next 30 minutes, the little princess would tell me she wants mommy and wants me to find mommy. Apparently, I’m just the sperm doner. Meanwhile, Spiderboy was upset with me because he still wanted me to chase him but I was tired of chasing him with the little monkey in my arms and the little princess in my ear. I just wanted to rest in the shade for a few minutes.

Even though things fell apart at the end, it was still a good day for us. The sun was out and for once, it was back in the 80’s. For some reason, global warming and the inconvenient truth missed our area. We have been getting cloudy, 70° days this summer. It was nice to feel the sun again. And the best part was that we didn’t have to go shopping with mommy. For some reason, my two oldest kids are not fond of shopping either. I wonder who they got that from?

“I’m so happy. I just saved a bundle on car insurance.”
Little Monkey is so happy

Little Princess and her new toy.
Little Princess catches Little Monkey

“Leave me alone. You’re cramping my style!”
Little Monkey hugs Spiderboy


14 thoughts on “The Sun Melted My Kids

  1. That little monkey is adorable.
    Popsicles. Popsicles are the key to not having your kids melt.
    I guess we are getting all of your global warming down here. When I got up this morning, the temp was already at 80. It will probably get to the high 90’s here today.

  2. The Little Monkey sure has grown! How old is she now?

    Again, no photos of Spider Boy. He runs like the wind, I take it.

    Notice how angelic the Little Princess looks? Yeah, I know how deceiving looks can be. Little Man Warrior pulls that crap on me too. Tries to cute his way out of trouble.

  3. 70 degree days? Do you have any idea how jealous I am? We’ve had 100+ degree days. Sometimes when I’m outside I can feel myself cooking. I can SEE the heat on everything. Your kids are beautiful and really.. the peace can only last so long, right?

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