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I would really like to win the $30,000 kitchen makeover. To win, I need to do something great with a sheet of Bounty paper towel. That’s the hard part, coming up with a great use for Bounty by Saturday, June 30th.

I know, you would like to win the $30,000 kitchen makeover too. But I have a good reason for wanting to win. As some of you know, last year was the year of surgeries and trips to the ER for the Forever clan. This year appears to be the year of mechanical problems. Here are some of the mechanical problems we have had so far this year:

Our Maytag washer died two days before the big birthday party. We’ve actually known it was going to die for several months now, but we disagreed on what to replace it with. I wear t-shirts and shorts so I prefer something like a bathtub and a clothes line. My wife wear nice clothes, so she wants one of those high-end LG that steam cleans, folds your clothes, and massages your back. We had our Maytag washer repaired for the second time almost three years ago. So there’s no point in paying to have it repaired again. Plus there was a class-action lawsuit involving our washer that Maytag never informed us about. We won’t be buying from Maytag again.

A couple of months ago, our ceramic cooktop cracked. According to Jenn-Air, it sounds like a thermal breakage. But because we bought it over two years ago, we have to pay for labor. Not only that, we have to hire an authorized service center to confirm it’s a thermal breakage. The cost to confirm: $200. Then we have to hire an authorized service center to install the replacement even though I installed it myself originally. My guess is the total labor (including confirmation) will be between $400 and $600. We decided we could live with the crack because you can’t see it unless you turn on the cracked burner. We rarely use all four burners at the same time. Another note: Jenn-Air is owned by Maytag.

Our vacuum cleaner died five days before the big birthday party. Our kids offered the use of their toy vacuum cleaner, which would great if we had a toy carpet.

One of the toilets is broken. It appears a bolt that connects the tank to the bowl has corroded off. So now it drips, drips, drips…even after turning off the water and flushing away most of the water in the tank. I tried using a straw, but it wasn’t long enough to suck up the rest of the water.

A week before the big birthday party, we got our second flat tire of the year (different car). This time, it was not repairable. I don’t get it. It was caused by a piece of glass in the parking lot. How can a piece of glass puncture a STEEL belted tire to the point it’s no longer repairable? The tire has less than 10,000 miles on it. I’m thinking my cousin in China must have replace the steel with melamine.

Our garage door isn’t working properly. It works fine closed or fully open. But if you stop the door anywhere between closed and fully open, the door crashes back down.

At the beginning of the year, our car’s power window was stuck in the open position…for the second time in two years! Shouldn’t there be some sort of manual over-ride? And shouldn’t a new part work for more than two years?

My wife’s undercabinet TV broke. You know, the one I gave her for Mother’s Day. Luckily, we were able to swap it for a new one…twice. The first time, there was something trapped in the LCD screen that we could not get out. The second time, the DVD player didn’t work.

Most of our appliances are almost ten years old. I would like them to last forever, but they are probably on their last leg and it’s just a matter of time before they fall apart. At least this year, the family is healthy (except for some bad allergies). I’m thankful for that.


16 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover

  1. Hmmmmm – if you could only make a Bounty square soak up all those mechanical tragedies and wipe them away you’d have both the prize and fixed items. Now if I could just that darn Harry Potter wand I could help you out….


    p.s. here’s hoping the silver lining starts shining bright through those clouds!

  2. I think you should let your kids get messy – I’m talking a sticky, yucky, filthy dirty mess. Let them paint or play in mud or something, because there is nothing messier than kids. Then, use your Bounty sheet to clean them up and your writing to help the judges fall in love with you and your family.

    I’m sorry for all your mechanical woes. They always seem to come all at once, you know? It will get better. I predict that you will win the $30,000 kitchen makeover. I’m sending you positive vibes right now. You will win. (Repeat that to yourself.) YOU WILL WIN!

  3. Ah, yes, the Great Appliance Revolt. Every family experiences this, to one degree or another. Good luck with this. Ours happened the week hubby started his new job two hours away from home and I got diagnosed with PH. Lovely, huh?

  4. We have the same problem with our Jenn-Air range, meaning it will cost slightly less to repair than to replace (with another brand, of course). One would think that they’d last forever by looking at their price tag.

  5. Maytag sounds like they have been lying to us all of these years about it being dependable.

    Hmmmm what to do with a bounty paper towel? I’m “Thinking Booger”.

  6. That stinks about your appliances. We’ve been having that too. First it was our water heater, then the furnace, then the washer (but Ian managed to fix that) then the furnace AGAIN, and finally the vaccuum.

    I’m tagging you for a meme I’m just about to post. Play along when you can!

  7. Those appliances look so appetizing in the store… We just had our kitchen-aid stove (not even 2 years old) serviced, cause the electronic pad went bananas (as in, everything worked, except the “off” button…) The part is free, but the labour… Had they warned me bout that before, I’d probably get some cheap basic thing…

    Though, on the other hand, I love my stove…

    Life’s just not fair…

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