Take Me Out to the Ballpark


Hey, my first sports related post. Even though I love sports, I don’t usually write about sports on my blog. But I can’t help it today. My alma mater, Oregon State University, won their second straight College World Series championship. As some of you know, it rains a lot in western Oregon. So it’s a big deal for an Oregon college to win two straight baseball championships. It would be like Jamaica winning two Olympics gold medals in the bob sled events…or the equivalent of Paris Hilton becoming a positive role model for our kids.

Who knows, some day my kids might attend Oregon State too. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if they picked a different college. OSU was only my second choice. My first choice was Stanford, but I didn’t get accepted. I’m a Stanford reject!

OSU Beavers baseball team wins College World Series

8 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballpark

  1. I don’t follow baseball (college or pro) much, but after my Sun Devils were eliminated, I REALLY lost interest. Then last night I saw that the Beavers won, and I actually thought about you! Congrats to the Beavers!

    A Stanford reject, huh? You sure set you sights high. I didn’t apply to any “high falutin'” schools; figured I wouldn’t get in anyway, and if I did, I’d be bummed because I couldn’t afford it.

    1. My friend was accepted, but he went to OSU too because he thought Stanford was too expensive.

      I don’t usually follow baseball either, but the Beavs has been hard to ignore the last three years,

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