We Skipped Father’s Day Again


That’s the problem when your wife and two of your kids have their birthday on June 13th. You end up missing Father’s Day every year. This is how it works. We have a little celebration on June 13th. It involves opening presents, eating cake, and going out to dinner. Then the following Saturday (as in the day before Father’s Day), we have the big birthday party for the kids at our house. What do you suppose happens the day after the big birthday party? Celebrate Father’s Day? Nope! More like cleaning up, recovering, and assembling toys.

To be fair to my wife, I have to say the party and celebration focused a lot more on the kids than my wife. And this year, the little princess had the nerve to come home from school with the stomach flu, which meant not going out to eat on their birthdays. Of course, the little princess insisted on eating cake even though she was sick. And since we are such good parents, we let her……which meant the little princess later threw up her cake. Another parenting lesson learned thanks to the little princess.

Did I mention it was a BIG birthday party? Mommy Forever scaled back this year and invited fewer people, but there were still over 30 kids and 20 adults. We usually have fewer kids and more adults at our parties. In the past, we invited friends and relatives. But now, the party has been taken over by the little princess’ school friends. And their parents were essentially using us as baby sitters. Can’t really blame them when the party is four to seven hours long. Speaking of baby sitting, there was one parent who I thought highly of. She was the first to arrive. Actually, her kids were the first ones to arrive. When we answered the door, the mom wasn’t around. Just her two kids, one of them was not even invited to the party. The mom didn’t even bother to make sure I wasn’t some sort of weirdo or if I forgot to put away my M14’s and grenades again. The most important thing was the free baby sitting.

Have I mention my wife is insane before? Well, she is. She could have kept the party simple by just ordering pizza or something. Instead she cooked most of the 12 entries and had another 8 dishes of fruits, cheese, jello, chips, and other munchies. The kids could have cared less. They just wanted to play games and win prizes. The adults, on the other, loved the food. But my wife is still crazy.

my son on his fourth birthday

the little princess on her seventh birthday

my son with a balloon hat on his fourth birthday

the little princess with a clown on her seventh birthday


26 thoughts on “We Skipped Father’s Day Again

  1. You know, you’re only little once so why not go all out for their birthday parties. I have found that birthdays get less and less exciting the more I have.
    Sorry about Father’s day. Did you get that Silver Surfer t-shirt you have had your eye on?

    1. Nope, I didn’t get a Silver Surfer t-shirt. My wife doesn’t love me. OK, it was my fault. Instead of sending her online to Zazzle, I told her to wait. A shirt for me and my son would have cost over $40 (including shipping). A bit pricy for 2 t-shirts. So I told her when FF4 comes out, Target will have them for about $10 each. The movie is out now, but Target is carrying FF4 shirts.

  2. Yeah, did you get the Silver Surfer shirt? That would’ve been consolation, at least. Coz of all the hard Father’s Day cleaning up, recovering and assembling toys.

    Sounds like you had a great party! Who wouldn’t with 3 birthdays to celebrate, eh? Free baby sitting? You bet I’d sign up! Of course, I’d be more responsible… I’d definitely check if you were too weirdo or if any grenades were lying about. :)

    1. I tried taking a nap, but the two younger ones crawled in bed with me. Then my son told the little monkey to get out and she yelled no. This went on and on. Instead of sleep, I got a big headache.

  3. Well, I’ll wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day, even if it’s late. You’re a great Daddy, so you deserve the wishes.

    I canNOT relate to the big party. We refuse to host parties at our house for various reasons, most of which entail my refusal to go through all of that heartache. By the time you clean up, order all that food, and get all of the prizes and such, you spend as much as if you pay to have the party at an outside facility, PLUS you are overly frustrated by the fuss and clean up!

    Yup, I agree – your wife is crazy!

  4. Well festivities in one form or another have to count don’t they? I think the fact that you have a wife and two kid’s birthdays to celebrate is the very essence of celebrating Father’s Day. :) We’ve never really done anything big, routine or specific for Mother’s/Father’s day. Just having time with our kids and time to relax is good for me!


  5. My son’s birthday is the 21st of June. In fact, that was Father’s Day in 1998, so I had an awesome first Father’s Day gift. But, yeah, the focus is on my son this week. That’s okay with me!

  6. Sorry you didn’t get to do anything besides clean on Father’s Day. I can sympathize with your daughter though, I was sick with strep throat most of the weekend. We didn’t do much of anything on Sunday, especially since I was still contagious. I’m beginning to think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both jinxed. The past two years we’ve either been sick on one or both days, or I’ve had to work.

    Happy Belated Father’s Day!!!

  7. Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’m new to dad-blogging but it seems that there’s quite a nifty community of us around. Keep posting … and playing!

  8. Happy Father’s Day (a little late)! Looks like you had a great party. We’re gearing up for Julia’s party at the end of the month. It just keeps growing and growing and growing. I’m a little nervous after reading this post…

  9. Yes, we women do tend to go over board… and we always promise ourselves that we wont do “that” again… and yet we do.

    there is always too much food at our parties… I’m always exhausted and have a back ache, but it ends being fine in the end. Your party looked like it was a blast :D

  10. Dang! The lil princess is just gorgeous and the lil boy is so cute! the clown scared me though. After seeing IT, clowns were never seen in the same light again.

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