She Rocks to the Rolling Stones


Best Buy sent me The Biggest Bang DVD box set for review. Our little monkey loves it. She dances to the music and heads straight to the front like a die hard Rolling Stones fan. Check her out in this short video clip:

Rolling Stones - The Biggest BangI like the Rolling Stones, but have never been to one of their concerts. Watching their A Bigger Bang tour on DVD is not the same as going to the concert in person, but it’s probably the closest I will ever get to being at a Rolling Stones concert. This is one of those DVD where having a good sound system is essential. I played it on a TV with its itty bitty speakers and it didn’t sound so great. Then I played it on our big screen TV with digital surround sound. Awesome!

According to the information sent to me, A Bigger Bang, is the best selling concert tour of all time. The seven-hour Biggest Bang DVD box set features two full length concerts and includes two behind-the-scenes documentaries. [Question: Would I be considered a geek if I liked the documentaries? After seeing hundreds of people setup the concert, I can see why tickets are so expensive.]

The Biggest Bang will be available next Tuesday on June 12th for $29.99 exclusively at Best Buy in the United States. The Biggest Bang will be released internationally in mid-summer.

I was planning on giving away the box set to one of you, but my wife said she wants it. My wife, the queen of hip hop, is a closet Rolling Stones fan. After all these years of being together, I’m still learning something new about my wife. [Another Question: Can I count the DVD as a birthday present for my wife?]


12 thoughts on “She Rocks to the Rolling Stones

  1. That video of your Little Monkey is awesome! She is so cute and having so much fun. She has good taste, too. I love the Rolling Stones.

    Oh, and you can’t count the DVD as a present for your wife. She knows it was a freebie. The gift gods will punish you.

  2. What a cutie. No time like the present to get her started on the right track for good music taste.
    Thank you for your commen to my last post. I am in Washinggton, DC for the next week and I didn’t bring my password so i cannot approve comments. But Thanks for commenting.

  3. Too cute! That’s really cool that you get sent stuff to review like that. :D Nothing like a freebie!

    And no, you CANNOT count that as a birthday present. :)

  4. My kids were always partial to the Beatles, actually.

    Even if you can’t count the DVD as a birthday present you may be able to get credit for a “thinking of you” gift. It’s all in the angle!

  5. Hi, I need some help :) Can any of you rolling stone fans answer these questions? You don’t have to provide any names or address info. I am an intern and my boss needs to know the answer to some of these questions, thanks.

    list of attributes of a Stones Fan.

    Where do they work. What do they like to do?
    How affluent are they? How many kids. Are they married/single? Own a house?
    Anything in terms of percentages too. Percentage that are male, average age etc…
    Site your sources as well.


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