10 Things to Do in Portland When You’re Not Dead


I’m starting a new meme. It’s call Things to Do When You’re Not Dead meme. It’s simple, just list five to ten things to do (places to visit) in your area. You can tag other people for the meme if you like, but it’s not necessary. Anyone can play. I’m also creating a Things to Do When You’re Not Dead page to list everyone’s lists. If you want to be listed, let me know in the comments area or with my contact form. Please include the url of your list, city, state (if applicable), and country (if outside of USA).

Here’s my list of places to visit in the Portland, Oregon area.

1. Enchanted Forest
The Enchanted Forest is a theme park located in Turner, Oregon (about an hour south of Portland). The park features attractions from popular children’s books such as Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, and Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Enchanted Forest also has rides like Ice Mountain Bobsleds roller coaster, Haunted House, Big Timber Log Ride, and Challenge of Mondor, which is an interactive ride that features mythical dragons and monsters. It’s not Disneyland, but we go there almost every year.

2. Skibowl Adventure Park
We have not been to Skibowl in the summer (I’ve been there in the winter for skiing), but hopefully we’ll make it there this summer. Skibowl is located on Mt Hood, which is a little over an hour east of Portland. The park features activities like the Alpine Slide, SkyChair, Kiddy Canoe Ride, Kiddy Karts, and Kid’s Indoor Super Play Zone.

3. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
The geek in me loves this place. I’ve taken the little princess to OMSI a couple of times, but the other two kids have not been there yet. We’ll probably take all the kids there when the rain season returns. OMSI offers interactive exhibits and hands-on demonstrations, a computer lab, OMNIMAX Theater, planetarium, and a submarine (I have not been in the theater, planetarium, or submarine). The little princess loved the Science Playground and Discovery Lab.

4. Blue Lake
Blue Lake is located less than 30 minutes east of Portland. It features a blue lake (duh), lots of grass and picnic areas, water spray area, paddle boats, playgrounds, and a small beach.

5. Oregon Zoo
Our zoo is small, but the kids love it. They like to see the animals, go on train rides, and eat rainbow snow cones.

6. Portland Classical Chinese Garden
The Chinese Garden is a place my wife and I appreciate more than the kids. There are no rides or games there. It’s just a very scenic and tranquil place (except during big events like Chinese New Years and the Moon Festival).

7. Portland Aerial Tram
The tram began operating just a few months ago. The tram was built mainly for OSHU, which is where our little Monkey had surgery last October. OSHU is located on top of a hill and ran out of space to expand. As a result, they built a new campus near the waterfront and the tram connects the two campuses. We have not been on the tram yet, but will this summer.

8. Portland Children’s Museum
The Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum for children up to 10 years old. The museum features exhibits, arts programs, Water Works area, Dig Pit, Clay Studio, and various workshops.

9. Oaks Amusement Park
Oaks Park is the typical old-time amusement park. It has rides, carnival games, roller skating ring, and picnic areas.

10. Oregon Coast Aquarium
The aquarium was the former home of Keiko (the killer whale in the Free Willy movies). We have not been to the aquarium in several years. I don’t think any of our kids has been there yet. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is located in Newport, which is three hours away. That’s a long time for a kid to sit in a car so we’ll probably wait until the kids are a little older.


17 thoughts on “10 Things to Do in Portland When You’re Not Dead

  1. I am so envious. I am definitely going to create my own list. I love visiting your site. It gives me fantastic ideas. Blogging for over a year has apparently drained my 10% usage of my brain.


  2. Awesome idea, loveit! If I go to Portland I will have to check those places out! In Maryland, they have and Enchanted Forest too, sounds very similar, we went a few times when i was a kid.

    My town is pretty small, I’m not sure I can come up with 10 things… do you have a radius limit?

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