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My wife usually has a hard time getting me gifts. Mainly because I tell her not to get me anything. And when I do give her hints, I tell her don’t get it because its too expensive or because there are too many specs to figure out. However, this year I’m going to help my wife out by giving her a list of five things I would like for Father’s Day. You can help too by voting for your favorite.

Space FlightTrip to Space
If I could, I would explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before. And if my wife really loves me, she would get me on the next flight to space. A trip to space costs a measly $20 million.

Jet PackJet Pack
For only $200,000, my wife can get me a nice jet pack that can travel at 83 mph and fly 250 feet up in the air. If I had a jet pack, I would be the coolest kid on the block…and I could toss water balloons at all the kids that make fun of me.

Porsche Carrera CabrioletPorsche Carrera Cabriolet
If my wife doesn’t feel like spending over hundred grand this year, she can get me a new Porsche for a little over $80,000. Sorry kids, you can’t play with daddy’s new toy.

I think Segways are cool (but not as cool as a Porsche or a jet pack). I would like to zip around the neighborhood in one of these. And for less than $6000, I can.

Silver SurferSilver Surfer T-shirt
If my wife doesn’t love me enough to get one of the four gifts above, she can get a Silver Surfer t-shirt for me (and a matching one for my son – how cool is that?). Silver Surfer is my favorite super hero and I can’t wait to see the new Fantastic Four movie. Cost is $20-$30 for two t-shirts.

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20 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I got your comment on my Father’s Day gift guide and popped on over.

    I think your list is more in line with what men REALLY want, if somewhat less realistic ;)

    BTW–I’m planning to put up a Father’s Day Button Blogroll (linking to buttons for Daddy Blogs) on my personal blog. I’ll send you an e-mail about it.

  2. I vote for the Segway, but mainly because I want one! It sure would help when I have to walk (for me) longer distances, so it’s practical as well as cool, don’tcha think?

  3. Wait a minute. I think her present should just match up to the cost of the counter TV/radio. Is there anything you want that costs in between the Segway and T-shirts?

  4. Yup… You’ve proved my point… Men are rediculous…

    Why can’t they just be happy about a new toothbrush?

    Cause there is nothing more frustrating than shopping for a gift for a “I don’t need a gift” that turns into “So what do I get?” when the day in question arrives…

  5. I voted for the T-shirts because that seems more appropriate. Wouldn’t you and Spiderboy look great in matching shirts? A jet pack would be cool, too. Then you could pretend to be the Silver Surfer.

  6. You already come from outer space, so the trip to space is out.

    The jet pack is cool, but I can just see you souping it up like Tim Allen in Home Improvement and seriously burning your buns. We wives hate it when we burn buns, so that’s out.

    The silver Surfer shirt is cool, but unless you plan on getting braces and pimples with it… I’d say no.

    I’m voting for a Porsche because I know that’s what my husband would want. ;)

  7. The only thing I would want for Father’s Day would be for Madeleine McCann to be found ALIVE and able to be back with her Daddy.

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