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Over the weekend, we took our kids to the Home Depot Kids Workshop (someplace manly for a change). Home Depot is trying to expand their customer base by teaching kids how to act manly, grow hair on their chest, and use basic tools like hammers, power drills, grinders, circular saws, and nail guns. Actually, the kids work on simple projects. For example, this weekend the kids built a planter. Just four little nails. It was the easiest thing the kids have ever made at Home Depot.

The planter should have taken only about 5-10 minutes to build, but our kids are special. They took 15-20 minutes. The little princess nailed her planter into the workbench and Spiderboy used his TOY HAMMER. Trust me on this, using a toy hammer with real nails is like painting a house with Q-tips (don’t ask). And because our son is only three and was born without a brain, he insisted on using his toy hammer and would not believe me when I told him his hammer was a toy (“No, it’s not!“).

After the workshop, we headed over to the paint section so the kids can snap up paint samples. When the little princess was younger, I had to bribe her with Scooby snacks in order to run errands at Home Depot. Not anymore. Now we bribe our kids with paint samples. The kids love those paint samples and I’m sure Home Depot won’t mind if our kids take a few hundred samples.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the kids workshop at Home Depot take place on the first Saturday (9am-noon) of every month. It’s free, but I’m not sure if they still give out kids aprons.

Spiderboy and his might toy hammer
Spiderboy and his might toy hammer

Little Princess nails planter into workbench
Little Princess nails planter into workbench

Little Monkey tries to steal Spiderboy’s planter
Little Monkey tries to steal Spiderboy's planter


13 thoughts on “Kids Workshop

  1. Wow! What fun! I had no idea Home Depot did anything like that. I’ll have to check it out at our local store.

    Julia is the opposite of Spiderboy when it comes to toy things like that. I got her a toy lawnmower and she was mad that it didn’t really work. She told me, “It no make noise and it not cut!” Then, yesterday, we were planting a few trees and I offered her a plastic shovel to “help.” She told me, “No, Mom. I need a REAL shovel. This won’t work.” She thinks I’m an idiot. Oh, kids.

  2. I am SO not letting my daughter see this. She’s been begging me for months to get her to one of these workshops and Saturday mornings always come and go without getting that done. It looks like they had a blast!


  3. Your lil boy looked so adorable hammering with that toy hammer … I bet you thought so too hence the photo … teehee!

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