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Spiderman 3 comes out today, but it will be another six months before I see it on DVD. I rarely see movies at theaters anymore. When I do go, it’s usually a kids movie. It’s hard for me to enjoy grown-up movies at the theater because I feel guilty about leaving my wife at home with three little monsters. OK, it’s really because I’m afraid I’ll enjoy the experience too much. A night out with no kids. Grown-up conversations. No kids arguing. No whining. No Diaper Genie. I would never return home.

From the movie trailers, it looks like a variation of Venom will be in the movie. If I was going to be a villain, that’s who I would want to be: Venom. Look at him. He’s one scary dude. Even his tongue creeps me out. Give him Viagra and Venom could club someone with that tongue. What a wonderful role model for my son.


Now check out another of Spiderboy’s toy. It’s the Green Goblin. I know, he doesn’t look like the Green Goblin from the movies. He’s the Green Goblin from the comic books. Look at him. He’s wearing elf shoes and hat, ballet clothes, and a man purse. A MAN PURSE. Are we really suppose to be afraid of him? Lookout, there’s a mutant ballerina with a man purse! Run for your lives! Give him a tutu and his costume would be complete.

Green Goblin

12 thoughts on “Spiderman 3

  1. You’re right, Venom is the coolest villian by far. But if your kid has the same super-articulated action figure as mine, he’ll get into some pretty creepy looking ballerina poses, a lot more than that silly green goblin character.

    1. Oh yeah, we pose Venom like a short and stout teapot while we sing the teapot song, “Venom is a teapot, short and stout. Here is his handle, here is his spout…”

  2. Venom is scary, but I think The Green Goblin may be the better villain and here’s why:

    If The Green Goblin kicked your butt, you’d not only have the hurting of a butt kicking to get over, but you’d also feel lame because an elf in ballet tights with a man purse got the best of you. That’s degradation on top of physical pain.

  3. Many of the scariest villains in history carried purses…Margaret Thatcher springs to mind. (Perhaps you have to be British to understand what I’m talking about!)

    Nice blog – I was starting to think that there weren’t any parenting blogs out there by men; mine is only half by a man.

  4. Hubby said it was okay but not quite as fantastic as he was hoping for. It might be DVD time for me to catch up on this one as well. But how about Heroes last night? That one continues to deliver for me. ;)


  5. I can’t get the vision of Venom posed like a short, stout teapot to leave my head. ROFL. What’s more, I’m picturing you and your son singing the song and going through the motions while playing with Venom posed like a short, stout teapot. :P

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