I am a Barbie Girl


daddy as barbie girlThat’s right, I am a Barbie Girl. That’s me on the left in the green shirt. As a reward for my daughter behaving like an angel when my wife abandoned me, we went online and played Barbie Girls. It was a dream come true for me…right up there with going shopping at the mall with my wife, which really means my wife shops while I try to keep track of three kids all going in different directions (if it was legal, I would clone myself).

Actually, Barbie Girl was kinda fun. The little princess and I have not been online together in several years. She was using mommy’s computer while I sat ten feet away at my desk. The little princess thought it was so cool when we started chatting with each other online. You should see the smile on her face when I bought virtual gifts for her with my Barbie Bucks. I’m smiling too because the gifts didn’t cost me anything.

Below is a picture of me talking with my daughter (pink dress) in her virtual room. Just like in real life, my daughter is also into pink in her virtual world.

daddy talking to the little barbie

Here’s a blurb from the Barbie Girls site if you are interested:

The Barbie Girls world is designed to be a safe, fun, and exciting place for girls to play online. Once a girl has registered with the site [screen name and password], she can create a virtual character, design her own room, shop with B Bucks (virtual “money”) she earns, play games, watch videos featuring her favorite Barbie movies and products, and have real-time chats with other registered users. Our sophisticated word filter keeps this chat appropriate for girls and prevents personal information — such as your child’s name, phone number, and address — from being given out to anyone unknown to you.


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  1. Jeez, when my daughter was younger I used to moan about being asked to play Barbies with her because I didn’t have the ability to “imagine” play situations easily. I found it to be a chore.

    Now I feel bad.

    You go, Daddy!

  2. These kinds of game/socializing sites are all the rage now aren’t they? I think it’s great that you played with your daughter. Little moments like this have big impacts on hearts.


  3. That looks like fun. I’ll bet you play Barbie Girls again just to get more time with Princess.
    I’ll have to tell my niece, Prissy, About this site. She is SO girly.

  4. ” shopping at the mall with my wife, which really means my wife shops while I try to keep track of three kids all going in different directions” — Wow, I finally know how my husband feels about those shopping trips we take… Though I always tell him that he could stay home with the kids… ;-)

  5. You are an awesome dad for doing that! I can only hope my husband will bend a little bit when it comes times to play tea party… and even then, I don’t think he’d admit to anyone that he did it. ;o)

  6. ok i know barbie girl was a hit in 1950 but now there loseing it bratz is the hit but i sorta feel bad for barbie like there trying so hard to beat bratz my gosh when i was little i only had like two barbies but that was like the only plastic doll back then but i was born in 1970 something ya so but bratz are so going to win barbie had to make myscene to catch up to bratz like why dont barbie have there on tv show like that might make it easyier.but back then barbie looked good old school..but i still like bratz better!

  7. Hi , it’s sounds like fun, you are really amazing dad to your daughter . :)
    I have one problem, i don’t have a barbie girl but i want it, but i live in Estonia and it’s hard to get one . It makes me really sad, because i can’t buy some other fashions, what i like and than i woun’t get them never . I thought that maybe you can help me with codes, that maybe you know some codes and you can tell me, i really need them,please, tell me, i beg you ! :( I already have there account, but thats not enough , because i want wear other clothes too, what i just can’t buy without barbie girl . I even can’t wear some bags on jewerllies . Please, help me , my username is kessu15 in BarbieGirls.Com and also you can email to me : kessy15@gmail.com . I will waiting your answer !

    By : Aile .

  8. awww thats cute

    i have a barbiegirl and anyone who wants to add me you can:

    my username is


    anyone add me and because i HAVE a barbiegirl then i will buy you anything you want !!!


    Do you like the ***NEW*** barbiegirls.com ??
    1. Yes

    byeeeeeeee x

  9. I have enjoyed barbie girls last year, but I’m not a V.i.p. So i can’t buy anything! TT_TT But this game is never lame for me! ^o^

  10. aww thats sweet i wish you were my dad but i dont have a dad i never met him i wish i was your daughter so you could make me a vip can you please make me a vip here is my email thanks your really a super dad


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