Chinese Christmas


I wish I could say we have been having a blast celebrating the Chinese New Year. But between getting sick and shaving our heads, we have not had much time to do anything the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, this weekend we’ll find the time to get some dim sum. We have not gone out for dim sum in over three months. What kind of Asians are we?

Even though Chinese New Year has nothing to with super heroes, my son has found a way to tie the two together. In the past, whenever Spiderboy wanted to buy a new super hero toy, I tell him no because he doesn’t have any money. Now that people have given him money for Chinese New Year, he asks me to take him to Target so he can buy more super heroes (apparently 50 action figures are not enough). To my son, Chinese New Year is like Christmas.

Below are some pictures of the kids in their Asian outfits. Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival in the fall are about the only time the kids wear their Asian outfits. What a shame because they look so cute in them.

chinese new year comic strip


17 thoughts on “Chinese Christmas

  1. Your children look adorable, as always, and your speech bubbles are a riot! The last two are especially hilarious.

    Julia received a piggy bank as a gift a while back. All of the money she gets – for birthdays, holidays, bribes and blackmail – go in the piggy bank. She has no desire to spend it, just collect it. I guess they call that “saving” it. Sometimes I wonder if she is really my child.

  2. Cutie pies. I love the hangover picture. It’s only really cute when your little and everybody KNOWS they are not having a hangover. When you’re an adult you have to say “no, really I haven’t been drinking. Really!”

  3. Bug are going around for some reason. I hope everyone is doing better… hope the new year will be kinder to everyone health wise…

    Oh and your kids are absolutely adorable!

  4. What adorable outfits, complete with the traditional Chinese star-shaped sunglasses! ;)

    I swear, you have one of the cutest families on the entire internet!

  5. So cute! You say you’re not a writer, but I always love your bubble captions for your photos.

    Thanks so much for mentioning dim sum; now I want some!

    BTW – shaving heads? What?!

    We didn’t really shave our heads. I was just making fun of Britney. I know I shouldn’t make fun of her…that girl needs some serious help.

  6. you have adorable children!!!

    i just love the outfits! I am gonna have my kiddo wear somethin; like that next chinese new year.. hahahha! i have a lot of time to prepare!!!

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