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Sunday was the start of the Chinese New Year, which is actually a 15-day holiday. The holiday begins on the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar. Because the holiday is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year. For instance, this year Chinese New Year fell on February 18th. Next year, it will fall on February 7th. When I was a kid, I thought my parents picked a different date every year because they wanted to mess with my head. As far as I know, this lunar calendar thing could be an elaborate hoax orchestrated by my 1.3 billion relatives in China. Very funny everyone.

This year is the year of the three-headed pig. I was born in 1903, so I was born in the year of the bunny. Not very manly, is it? Why couldn’t I have been born in the year of the crouching tiger or hidden dragon? Mommy Forever and Toddler K were born in the year of the chicken. Spiderboy is a billy goat and Princess M is a fire breathing dragon (it should have been me).

Use the chart below to find your Chinese zodiac. Keep in the mind the year listed is for the Chinese lunar calendar. For instance, Chinese New Year started on February 18th this year. So, if you were born on February 17th (2007), you would have been born in the year of the dog (2006) instead of the year of the pig (2007). If you were born in January-February, you can consult the table of lunar calendar and zodiac for exact dates.

Rat (1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936)
Rats are leaders, pioneers, and conquerors. They are charming, passionate, charismatic, practical, and hardworking. Rat people have great leadership skills and really long tails. Intelligent, cunning, and creepy at the same time, rats are highly ambitious, and strong-willed people who are keen and unapologetic promoters of their own agendas, which often include money, power, and cheese. They are energetic and versatile and can eat anything anywhere. Rats: Mozart, Alexander the Great, Scarlett Johansson, and Prince Charles.

Ox (1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937)
The ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. This powerful sign is a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things and spread crap everywhere they go. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest. The ox, which is essentially a trained bull, is very patient, tireless in their work, horny, and have a thing for whips. Oxen: Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Malcolm X, Vincent van Gogh, and Margaret Thatcher.

Tiger (1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938)
Tiger people are difficult to resist and their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them. They are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places. Tigers like to prowl and can even bounce on their tail. They enjoy life full of challenges and unexpected events, like visiting unusual places and meeting interesting outstanding people. Their favorite color is orange and they purr when they are happy. Tigers: Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Penélope Cruz, Tom Cruise, and Jodie Foster.

daddyRabbit (1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939)
Although rabbit people get along well with many people, they are basically reserved and are only truly happy when engrossed in some sort of nerdy activity. Rabbit people are considered too sensitive for the world around them. They are not able to thrive in competitive or aggressive environments, and are anxious when others force them to take risks. However, rabbits are fantastic in bed and will breed like crazy. Rabbits: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.

princessDragon (2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940)
The dragon is omnipotent. They are flamboyant, attractive, full of vitality and strength, and have stinky breath. The dragon is the symbol of power and wealth. It would be right to say that people born in the year of the dragon have a natural charisma and are certainly gifted with power and luck. They are attracted to donkeys and hate knights in shining armor. The dragon person has an active mind and is interested in the world around them. Dragons: Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, and Al Pacino.

Snake (2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941)
The person born in the year of snake is perhaps the wisest and most enigmatic of all. They can become bloggers, philosophers, theologians, politicians, or investment bankers. Such a person is a thinker who also likes to live well, hiss, and speak in a fork tongue. The snake-person loves books, music, clothes, fine food, and shedding their skin. However, their innate elegance gives them a dislike for frivolities and foolish talk. Snakes: John F. Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Queen Elizabeth the First, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Horse (2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942)
The horse personality is often willing to give as well as expect a lot of liberty. These people are extremely independent and confident. The horse person is very quick-witted, inquisitive, determined, and can gallop really fast. They are very good at recognizing patterns: they are on to the thought in your mind even before you’ve expressed it. In general, these people are gifted and love to swat flies with their tail. Horses: Nelson Mandela, Cindy Crawford, Clint Eastwood, Neil Armstrong, and James Dean.

spiderboyGoat (2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943)
The sheep, goat, or ram is thought to be the most artistic sign of the zodiac. The sheep is artistically talented, has a great sense of fashion, and loves wool. Chances are that this type will prefer to go into the kind of profession where they can create beautiful things for little money and live with their parents for an eternity. These people are considerate creatures – they think before acting, and try not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Goats: Muhammad Ali, Michelangelo, Bill Gates, Zhang Ziyi, and Steve Jobs.

Monkey (2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944)
Such people are often swingers, inventors, plotters, entertainers, and the creative geniuses behind anything ingenious, including mischief. They love bananas and are quick-witted, which enables them to understand what is happening and then make a right decision. Even during a conversation, a person born in this year is aware of what is going on around them, and then makes a mental note of who said what and stores it away for future black mail. Monkeys: Leonardo da Vinci, George Lucas, Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, and Rod Stewart.

toddlermommyRooster (2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945)
People born in the year of the rooster are usually very observant and love to peck their food. They are brave, resilient, and tenacious but can also be quite self-absorbed, pretentious, and overly romantic. Most of the time, they are very accurate and precise with their observation. These people certainly love shopping and drive their spouse crazy constantly. Roosters: Benjamin Franklin, Yoko Ono, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Confucius.

Dog (2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946)
People born in the year of the dog are considered very loyal. People are most likely to turn to dog types when they need help or need something fetched. The dog person will come through every time. That is because dogs are sensitive to others and empathizes with them, particularly if someone has suffered an injustice; dogs react quickly with the same feeling as though they had been personally offended. Friends know that they can rely upon their dog friend to lick their face in a crisis. Dogs: Madonna, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Uma Thurman.

Pig (2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947)
The boar type is usually an honest, straightforward, and patient person. They love bacon and are modest, shy characters who prefer to work quietly in the mud. When others despair, they often offer support in the form of pork chops. This type of person is reserved with those they do not know too well, but as time passes and they gain confidence, those around them may discover a lively and warm-hearted person behind the snout. Pigs: Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, and Woody Allen.

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16 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I was born in the year of the Dragon. The description fits me pretty well, except for the stinky breath. My breath is minty fresh.

    You caught me. I made that part up.

  2. I’m a horse… Anyone who’s heard me laugh is not surprised in the least…

    By the way, I heard this is the year of a “golden pig”… Something very special and lots of people are trying to have babies this year cause it brings them (babies) luck and prosperity… You know anything about it?

    In addition to the 12 zodiac signs, there are also 5 elements (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth). People born in the year of the golden pig are considered blessed, which is why there are so many Asians trying to have a kid this year. It’s kind of like having a kid born on 7-7-2007.

  3. I’m a monkey. I’m not sure what to make of the fact that the first characteristic they describe is “swinger”. I have a necklace with the Chinese character for monkey on it, but maybe that’s false advertising?

    You caught me too. I added swinger…and bananas…and blackmail.

  4. I’m a monkey! It’s depressing to me though, that Justin Timberlake is a full cycle behind me and a monkey too. I’m feeling old and decrepit now. I can always count on you to make me feel all warm and fuzzy! LOL

  5. You describe an ox (that would be me) as “essentially” a trained bull. I’m sure the ox would put it differently. You were on point, though, I am very adept at spreading crap everywhere, as well as pulling plowshares. Just look at these quads!

  6. You should be jealous.
    I am a tiger.

    But my favorite color is not orange. It makes me look sunburned.

    Awesome. I am ferocious. Grrrr! And I can also be found on your nearest box of Frosted Flakes.


  7. very interesting; I would be horse; which is interesting as I had seen a shaman who brought me horse to be head of my totem.
    Although my arthritis no longer allows me to gallop really fast; and flies pretty much disgust me. I like being akin with Nelson Mandela and James Dean; kindred spirits we ;-)

  8. Well, nice buddy… Someone will love this article if I tell her about this. She’s really interested in this topic. Thanks again…

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