Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice


According to hard science, girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice while boys are made from snakes and snails and puppy tails. From my observations, boys and girls are indeed different. For instance, my son runs, jumps, and screams all over the house while my oldest daughter is relatively quiet and mellow. I can also see the difference in behavior at the school bus stop. The boys are running all over the place. They hit and shove each other and laugh loudly. The girls, on the other hand, stay in line and talk quietly.

my son sleepingAt night, things are a little different. When the little princess wants me to tuck her in, she is like a cold fish. She wants me there, but she doesn’t really like to snuggle. My son, on the other hand, is a great cuddler. Sometimes he falls asleep with his head cradled in my arm and his arm wrapped around my neck. Other times, we spoon (can I still call that spooning when he’s like a spoon without a handle?). When he wakes up at night, he hunts me down. I pick him up, he wraps both of his arms around my neck, and lays his head on my shoulder. Then I take him back to his bed for some more snuggling.

Spiderboy is like Princess Fiona (from the Shrek movies) in reverse. By day, he is an ogre made from snakes and snails and puppy tails. By night, he’s this incredibility cute boy made from sugar and spice and everything nice. Sometimes I even watch him sleep and sometimes he opens his eyes and catches me staring at him. Then he’ll say something like, “What?” I tell him I love him and give him a kiss. He tells me he loves me too and pulls me closer to him. I know I’m not suppose to have favorites, but when it comes to tucking in, Spiderboy is my favorite.


15 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

  1. This describes my kids as well. My daughter is the older one, the pleaser, the rule follower, the sweet one. My son is the imp, the envelope pusher, the wild child.

    When it comes to affection, my daughter is “hit and run.” She’ll come for a quick hug, she’ll hold my hand, she’ll give a quick kiss.

    My son is like a leech – he’s clamped on and won’t let go. He loves to snuggle, he hates sleeping alone, he kisses over and over, and he’s always saying, “I love you.”

    I figure at some point it time, it might switch around, but for now I’m enjoying it. At some point, he won’t want to have anything to do with me, and then I’ll be sad because my baby boy will be grown up.

  2. Awww, I want a sweet little cuddler of my own! I guess I’ll just have to settle for spooning the dog, for now. Well, and the husband, but honestly the dog is the better snuggler sometimes.

  3. What a sweet pic. Aren’t they the sweetest when they sleep?
    Even at 12, Peep is a nighttime snuggler. He would kill me and deny it if he knew anybody knew this. Me and my hubby take every other night snuggling him. This is just about the only time he will open up and talk to us. I guess because it’s dark and he can’t see us looking at him. He says he doesn’t like us to snuggle him, but if one of us forgets to do it, he will remind us whose turn it is.

  4. My little guy is so cuddly too, in fact, in the wee hours of the morning when he is terrified of his car bed, he insists that I roll over and cuddle him, sometimes he must even sleep on my chest. Still so little….

  5. My son (just turned 4) is a snuggler AND a rough-n-tumble kid as well. But I find it fabulous that he’s physical and rough when he’s playing, but tender and gentle when he’s cuddling. And when he wants to cuddle, we have to cuddle. Otherwise, he pouts!

  6. How I miss the snuggles, my guys are teenagers now. That means I have to spend a lot of time pretending I don’t know them….at least in public. Snuggles are/were the best.

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