Timeout for Daddy


Well, it happened again. That’s right, my blog got me in trouble with Mommy Forever again. Last time, it was because I mentioned my wife and sex change operation in the same sentence. This time, it’s because I mentioned my ex-girlfriend in my last post. That’s ex-girlfriend, not ex-wife or someone I had an affair with. I have not seen or heard from the ex in five hundred years.

I don’t understand why this is such a big deal, but Mommy Forever has been giving me the cold shoulder. At first, I didn’t even know she was mad at me. I thought she was just being quiet…then I saw steam coming out of her head. Needless to say, there has not been any spooning at night. I’m not even getting the mandatory goodnight kiss specified in our marriage contract. But I think things have finally blown over…the wife bought herself a new quilt dress. I didn’t even bother to ask how much because that would just get me into more trouble. I wonder if I can count the dress as a Valentine’s present.

wife wearing new dress


13 thoughts on “Timeout for Daddy

  1. Pretty dress Mommy.
    Daddy, you can never, not ever mention ex-anythings. It makes Mommys very jealous. Mommys don’t want you to think of anybody but her.
    The same thing goes for Mommys. They cannot ever, not never mention ex-anybody’s either. It makes Daddys jealous, too.
    You’re funny. I liked the kiss goodnight in the marriage contract thing.
    I’m getting to my 5 things post. It has been crazy at my house for a few days. Thanks for tagging me.

  2. Agree – pretty dress, and Mommy looks beautiful in it. And to answer your question, NO, you cannot count it as your Valentine’s Day present.

    You MUST pick out something yourself and present it to her, preferably gift wrapped, on the appropriate day. Which, BTW, is the coming Wednesday the 14th, ya know.

  3. What do you do when your wife says “Don’t buy me anything for Valentine’s Day. All I want is just a romantic dinner.”? You know what you do? You go out and buy her a present.

  4. Um… I’m with Tiggerprr. Ditto what she said.

    Not only do you have to buy her soething for Valentine’s, now you have to go the extra mile for the quilt comment. ;O)

  5. Mommy Forever looks lovely in her dress. If you are fond of spooning her and hope to do it again sometime, you probably should get her something else for Valentine’s Day. Probably like a chunk of your heart.

  6. That dress looks like it was from Anthropologie….and that place is EX-PUHN-SIVE!

    But! Any mention of “EX” anything…Ex-girlfriends, Ex-boyfriends, X-men, ect…is bound to get you cut off.

    Your wife is very strong woman. The slightest amount of those “puppy eyes” and I’m mush.

    That dress come in a size 2 for me?

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