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I’ve been tagged by Yich for the 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me meme. So, here goes:

Last year, I took my wife to McDonald’s for dinner…on our seventh anniversary. But it wasn’t my fault this time. I actually took her to Olive Garden, but we had to wait. Then Mommy Forever got upset when people that came in after us got a table first. So, we left. We were hungry so we stopped at a McDonald’s on the way home.

Mommy Forever and I lived in the same apartment building when we first met. She and her sister lived in the apartment above me. I thought she was still in high school and she thought I was gay. We didn’t date until five years later. And after two years of dating, Mommy Forever popped the question, I said yes, and we got married a year later.

I’ve only been in love twice in my life. I’ve had lots of crushes and even lust. But I’ve only wanted to married two women (no, not at the same time). The first was my girl friend in college and we even talked about getting married after we graduated. But that relationship didn’t work out because I was too immature back then. I’m still immature, but in a different way. Lucky for me, the second person I fell in love with is still with me. When it gets warmer, we plan to sail off into the sunset together. Tonight we might even spoon.

One of my biggest regret is giving up track. During my glory days (that would be grade school), I was a jock. By the time I was in the 7th grade, I was the fastest guy in school from 50m to 1500m. When I went to high school, my brain told me I had no future in sports so I gave up track and focused on grades. The grades part worked out great. I graduated with a 3.97 gpa with only a B in second year German and automotive shop. But I missed my glory days (isn’t that sad, thinking about my glory days when I was still in high school?), so I joined the cross country team during my senior year. BIG MISTAKE. Cross country meets were 5000m, which was more than three times the distance I was use to running. It was a struggle to finish and I came in dead last most of the time. The jock in me was gone forever, my transformation to geek was complete and irreversible. All I had left was what might have been.

My wife almost killed me once. When we were dating, I took her hiking on a scenic mountain trail. She thought she saw a snake, jumped on my back, and knocked me off the trail. We almost fell into an ice cold river 1000 feet below the trail (can’t be sure, but I think the river was full of piranhas and flesh eating bacteria). That was the only time I took Mommy Forever hiking.

I’m tagging the seven commenters in my last post. I know I’m only suppose to tag five, but I’m fairly certain at least two of you have already been tagged.

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15 thoughts on “Five Things About Me

  1. That’s funny that you lived in the same building. Gay, huh?

    Hmmm, now I have to dig deep and find five more things about me. I’ll have to think about this for a little bit.

  2. Hehe… thanks for participating in the meme. You are hilarious! Pls continue to write for the sake of your DaddyForever Fan Club supporters and may Spiderboy carry on your heyday track glory!

  3. Nick and I ate breakfast at McDonalds on the morning of our first anniversary. Because we’d eaten McDonalds for breakfast the morning we got married. Klassy, is we.

  4. I’m afraid to comment…

    I think McDonalds is an admirable place to take her. She did try to kill you after all!!

    I’m thinking of my 5 things.

  5. LOL :-)

    I actually used to do cross-country. And was pretty decent at it… Now I’d be amazed if I could walk above turtle-speed around the block…

    As for Olive Garden — hubs and I tried to go to one at least 5 times when we were dating. But we’ve never found the patience to wait for the table. So here, 10 years later, we still haven’t had dinner there once!

  6. We had the same experience on Valentine’s day a few years ago. Went to Olive Garden. They had a wait time of a bazillion hours so we ate at Wendy’s!!

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