Sold My Kidney to Pay for Christmas


care bear for toddler kWell, Christmas is over and the kids made out like bandits. They received more toys this Christmas than I have during my entire life. Next year, I’m going to put on my Scrooge hat and scale back on the number of presents. I don’t want the kids growing up privileged — especially since we are far from being rich. Even though money is tight, our kids don’t really know what it is like to grow up poor. OK, I don’t want my kids to grow up poor, but I don’t want them to grow up to be spoiled brats either. Know what I mean?

spiderman laptopThe kids got to open one present on Christmas eve. On Christmas day, they unwrapped the rest of the presents but were only allowed to open one present each. They could look at the unopened presents but they had to wait another day to open them. Our thinking is that this forces the kids to whine and hate us focus on one present at a time instead of playing with everything all at once. Actually, it’s my wife’s idea — she’s the Grinch who stole Christmas. On the other hand, if you like the idea, I support my wife 100%…come to think of it, it might have been my idea…unless you hate the idea.

barbie laptopToddler K doesn’t really seem to care for her presents. She prefers Spiderboy’s toys instead, which of course upsets Spiderboy. Princess M’s favorite present is a Barbie laptop. She loves it and plays with it all the time. Spiderboy, naturally, got a Spiderman laptop so he “can make money like daddy.” But his favorite present is a superhero memory game. He loves it and plays with it over and over and over. But between you, me, and Google, my son cheats. You’re suppose to use your memory to find the matching superhero, but he keeps turning over the pieces until he finds the matching one. Cheater.

superhero memory gameThe superhero memory game was on sale for about $4.50 at Target. I could have gift-wrapped each of the superhero pieces individually and skipped all the other presents. Then I would have ten presents for less than five dollars, Spiderboy would have loved each of his ten presents, and I would still have both of my kidneys. Doh!


13 thoughts on “Sold My Kidney to Pay for Christmas

  1. We keep saying we’re going to scale back, and finally this year, we did it. (I forced the issue, it was out of hand!) As for the Christmas Eve opening of one gift, that’s a standard tradition for us!

    Hmmmm…in all my years, I never thought to wrap individual toy pieces as mutiple gifts! That’s genius! LOL

  2. We also open one gift on Christmas Eve. We always did that in my family, and I assumed it was a Dutch tradition. My husband’s family never did that, but he likes that we do. This year we opened our stockings for Christmas Eve.

    We pulled the plug on lots of gifts as well, but now the gifts come with higher price tags, so we spent about the same amount, which really wasn’t as much as some people. We’re one of the few of our friends who still buy for each other, so that’s still fun!

  3. Good luck with that next year. I tried to do that this year but it didn’t work so well. And why is it their favorite toys are the little cheap ones you just randomly bought? Not the ones you went all out for.

  4. I watched in Supernanny that you let the kids choose like 10 of their favorite toys and keep the rest, only to bring them out later in the year.

    Becos you rotate the older ones with the newer ones throughout the year, it seems that they always have “new” things to play. This makes sense theoretically… I don’t have the practical experience yet!

  5. We were glad that “Santa” didn’t go too crazy with gifts at our place … as we are still at an age when the sparkly ribbons are the most interesting gifts of all! :) I am sure things will change as time goes by.

  6. I hope they have fun with all of their new stuff. Cool laptops.
    I know what you mean about scaling back for Christmas. Peep got a super expensive skateboard and he has decided to hang it on his wall. What! He’s not even going to skate on it? And Roo was sad I threw away the boxes the toys came in.

  7. We open a present on Christmas Eve at our house, but it’s usually new pajamas to sleep in that night rather than a toy.

    Last Christmas, we went a little over the top for Julia – she had more gifts than she cared to open. This year, we thought we’d scale back and we did a decent job. It’s so easy to go overboard for your kids, though. We’re not rich by any means, but Julia has had much more at Christmas than I ever did. I grew up very poor and knew it. I’m glad we can give her many of the things she wants, but I hear ya on not wanting to raise a spoiled brat. I think it helps if kids get to be on the gift-giving end of things, too.

  8. Hi there,Daddy Forever! I see that you have a young family. Cute kids. My master has 3 grown-up boys, one of whom is already married. I did not see them grow up as I moved into their household just a couple of years ago. But I hear him and the wife complain about how challenging child rearing has become today. I guess no parent wants to raise spoiled kids. However, in this day and age, there are simply too many factors beyond a parent’s control that can derail his or her good intentions (ex: peer groups, drugs, etc.). The good news is that at your kids’ age, these are not yet your concerns. So, enjoy them for now. Hard to tell later…

  9. Well, that’s lovely and all, but we spent our Christmas at a soup kitchen. But your idea is nice and everything.

    Er, I mean, our hearts were with the less fortunate, but our actual physical bodies were in a nice, warm home, eating cinnamon rolls. And opening TWO iPods (your Christmas wish for me worked – twice! You’re magic!)

    Anyway, I know exactly what you mean. I grew-up with much less than my (future) kids will grow-up with, and I don’t want them to take it for granted, either. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of instilling your children with a sense of conscientiousness, and yet letting them enjoy themselves and have fun! You’re an awesome father, Daddy Forever. :)

  10. This gives me a an idea for next Christmas. My grandson didn’t know what to do with all the gifts he got.

    Hope your new year celebration was a great one. Wish you and the family the best in 2007.

  11. I was at a party last night and my friend told me their kids got so many presents that they got bored and didn’t even bother to open all of their presents. My kids are spoiled, but not that spoiled.

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