Santa Boy Returns


Santa Boy has returned and he’s disrespecting a couple of super heroes. The odd thing is that I didn’t teach him that song. I have no idea where he learned that version from. The video is only eight seconds:

My son also sings another version of Happy Birthday. It goes like this, “Happy Birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You look like a monkey and smell like one too.” I think he learned this version from the movie, Madagascar. The problem is, my son sings the zoo version at real birthday parties…at other people’s houses. It’s funny, but a little embarrassing too.


11 thoughts on “Santa Boy Returns

  1. Every time you post a video, it brings a huge grin to my face. He is too cute! I’m sure he learned the song from his classmates; I remember singing that song on the playground!

    And that is too hysterical that he sings the “altered” version of the birthday song at parties!

  2. Cute!
    I like the “zoo” birthday song, too. Does he “cha cha cha” at the end of it? Every one of my preschoolers do. We are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus at our Christmas party for the parents, and they HAVE to cha cha cha at the end of it.

  3. Ooo, you have your hands full with this one. He reminds me of my son Little Man so much. They are imps, sprites — devilishly cute, amazingly bright, and possess not one malicious bone in their body.

    Look out!

  4. “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin layed an egg. The wheel broke off the Bat mobile and Joker got away HEY!”

    You should teach him the rest of the words and then take him carolling with a Tip Can. Odds are people will be so offended by the “un-original” version that they’ll pay him and his little friends to either go away or sing the right version. If he’s a normal boy (which he looks to be) they’ll go away with extra money in tow.

    Oh, and dress them up in their Superhero costumes with Santa hats.

    You’ll make money and he’ll learn a new song.

    Woot woot!

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