Do Spiders Have Noses?


do i have something on my forehead?Spiderboy: I want Mickey card.
Me: This is my Disney credit card.
Spiderboy: I want it.
Me: Do you have a job?
Spiderboy: Yeeeeeees.
Me: What’s your job?
Spiderboy: Spiderman.
Me: Your job is being Spiderman?
Spiderboy: Yes.

[This sorta makes sense. Last week, Spiderboy told me, “I want Spiderman computer so I can work like you and make money tooooo.”]

…a minute later:

Spiderboy: Daddy?
Me: Yes.
Spiderboy: You shoot web with nose, OK?
Me: With my nose?
Spiderboy: Uh-huh.
Me: Ummm, OK.

Great, I must now get bitten by a radioactive, mutant spider so I can make my son happy by shooting web out of my nose. Do spiders even have noses?


9 thoughts on “Do Spiders Have Noses?

  1. Don’t know about that one, Daddy. You might have to look at one and see. LMK what you find.


    BTW, I want a job as a superhero — oh wait, I already have one. I’M A MOM. When do I get my own Mickey Card?

  2. They should put that in the next Spiderman script — shooting web from Peter’s belly button. Sandman and the Green Goblin will laugh their socks off (assuming they actually wear socks).

  3. “I want a Spiderman computer so I can work like you…”

    So sweet! He wants to be like you and believes you’re a superhero that can shoot webs out of his nose.

    I’d say that’s high praise from a toddler!

  4. Funny FUnny. OUr little one is ten months old and when she goes exploring around the house she almost always comes upon her daddy’s wallet. Somehow she knows which card is the credit card because she takes it, puts it in her mouth like a little dog, (I’m not joking about this part) and crawls to wherever I am and throws it to me. What can I say, the child is as smart as her mother.
    About the shooting webs through your nose: does he mean blow your nose?

  5. Yeah little kids can be good. Get annoying at times. Come upon this while trying to find out whether spiders have noses. Cause I was wondering if they would pick up the scent of cigarette smoke and start following me as I have attacked 4 spiders in the past 3 hours. Was a tad scary at first since I am a 14 year old. But either way just trying to find out. And if they do smell with the little hairs on their legs then I am pretty much screwed. Rofl. Pulled an all nighter because I dreamed about a 12 ft spider out me window. Twas shitting bricks all night and mind you I am only 14 years old and my mate is nearly 14. Oh well thanks for the info about the leg things. I wonder if the 12 ft will come one day. One can only hope. I hope because then I have a reason to throw things from my room out the window :D. Funny shit though. Gonna have a cigarette talk to ya’ll later. LATERZ PEOPLEZ! Hope that stupid little thing don’t find me again. 4 fucking spiders can ya believe it?

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