Sometimes Love Needs Recharging


Several years ago, I was laid off. As a result, I took care of our daughter full time while my wife worked. I would be lying if I said it was easy. It wasn’t easy, but I missed those times. During the week, we went to the park, to the mall, on walks, and to the zoo (almost daily). We only had one child back then so there was a lot of one-on-one time. A lot of quality time. Our worlds revolved around each other and love was oozing all around us.

taking a nap

I usually worked on freelance projects while my daughter napped. But sometimes, I was so tired I needed a nap too. My body, mind, and love needed recharging. The photo above is one of my favorites because it reminds me of the time I took care of our daughter full time. Now my wife takes care of the kids full time and my little princess is a first grader with a little brother and sister.


11 thoughts on “Sometimes Love Needs Recharging

  1. That’s a very sweet photo!

    We don’t have children, but we plan to, and we’ve always both agreed that I’ll be the one to stay home. My husband loves his work and I know he wouldn’t be happy staying home full-time, but sometimes I can’t help but think about all those little moments he’ll be missing!

    (Now I’m going to start obsessing about starting a family. When my husband asks me to stop nagging him about it, I’m going to blame it on you and all these cute photos!)

  2. Kelley, sure blame it on me. When you do have kids, try not to take a nap right before your husband comes home. Otherwise, the camera will come out and you might not know about the pictures until much later. I’m glad I wasn’t wearing my wife’s face cream and dress that day.

  3. This is an amazing photo. I’m unemployed right now, and spend lots of time with my kid, one on one. Sure, sometimes I’m ready to start yelling at the walls from exhaustion/frustration/other parent related ailments. But then I realize that soon he’ll go to school, then off to college, and I’m really going to miss these moments we have together…

  4. Still reading your older posts!

    This entry reminded me of one of the times when my husband was laid off (he’s been in that situation four times). This one particular time he spent a total of 16 months out of work, and even though I was ready to kill him towards the end, it really benefited the kids so much. Our daughter was in afternoon kindergarten, so she was home during the morning, and our son was just a toddler of two. Because they got to spend so much time with their dad, they began to depend on him more and not so much on me all of the time. Even now, they go to him whenever they wake up from a bad dream, need advice on how to fix a broken toy, or need someone to make sure there are no monsters in the closet.

    Last year when my husband was working out of town and home only on the weekends, the kids couldn’t got to sleep without talking on the phone with Daddy and giving him a detailed report of their day, including what they did in PE class and what they ate at lunch.

    You’re an incredible Dad, and I’m sure your kids will always remember that about you. Thanks for sharing your special moments with us.

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