My Son is Really a Girl


Spiderboy as the cross-dressing BuzzI find this photo a bit disturbing. First, that’s my son wearing the dress. Second, my son is wearing his Buzz pj’s underneath the dress. So in my head, Buzz is a cross dresser.

When I saw my son wearing the dress, I thought it was payback from my wife. You remember, I dressed our little girl in the Build-A-Bear Buzz outfit. But Mommy Forever wasn’t behind it. Princess M was. She said Spiderboy wanted to wear her dress so she helped him put it on. He slept in it and wore it most of the next day.

This is just what I need — Spiderboy hooked on his sister’s clothes. I can just picture them fighting because they both want to wear the same dress. Last year, they were fighting over Princess M’s dress-up slippers (including one with a half-inch heel).

Hmmmm. Here’s an idea for Halloween. If you have a boy and a girl, you can dressed them as each other.


4 thoughts on “My Son is Really a Girl

  1. This is hillarious (and actually a very cute pic).

    I bet one day he’ll be terrified of this picture. You’ll be able to tell him: “Do that homework now, or I’ll show this to your friends!”

  2. When my now 17 year old gangster-esque brother was younger, he ran into my foster parent’s bedroom yelling, “look mommy, my legs are sooooo silky smoooothhhh!”….needless to say, he shaved his legs.
    Poor guy, in a house surrounded by girls the ten year old shaved every inch of his body except for his head and eye brows.
    You have so much to look forward to.

  3. So what. It is normal for a boy to crossdress. Most boys will wear some form of feminine apparel. In this country, believe it or not, you could actually buy a dress for a boy from most department stores. There are hundreds of photos up until the late 1940’s to early 50’s. Just type in BOYS IN DRESSES in your top tool bar and who knows you just might learn something.

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