Goodbye Pumpkin Patch


At the great pumpkin patch
There was a boat kids wanted to catch
boat ride to the pumpkin patch

And there was a dragon in the lake
It was clearly not a fake
dragon in the lake

There were bales of hay
And even a little maze
bales of hay, tons of fun

And there were pumpkins everywhere
Kids moved them here and there
pumpkin patch

There was no rain
So we rode the train
train ride back

It was such a nice day
But we couldn’t stay
lakeview pumpkin patch

Goodbye nice day, we wish we could stay
Goodbye train and keep away rain
Goodbye pumpkins everywhere, we moved you here and there
Goodbye bales of hay and little maze
Goodbye dragon in the lake, we know you are not a fake
Goodbye boat we all wanted to catch
Goodbye great pumpkin patch
spiderboy and princess m at the pumpkin patchtoddler k at the pumpkin patch
hitching a ride at the pumpkin patchprincess m finds a pumpkin she can carry


16 thoughts on “Goodbye Pumpkin Patch

  1. Looks like your kids had fun
    In the sun
    On a bright October day

    They carried pumpkins
    And went a-dunkin?
    Into the bales of hay

    The train ride was nice
    I’m sure it did not suffice
    Cos they couldn?t stay

    Now daddyforever has a task
    And indeed he must
    Carve out a pumpkin face today

  2. Mama Duck, my comment to you seems to be missing (did I forget to click the submit button?) so here it is again:

    Yes, you should take the little duck. He’ll have a blast trying to pickup the big pumpkins. I didn’t even know Florida has pumpkin patches – just palm trees!

  3. I went to this pumpkim patch when I first moved to Portland with my son and we had a great time. I want to go back but I don’t remember what it is called or where it is. Can you please help me?

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