Clothes for Girls, Clothes for Boys


Spiderboy - yet another spiderman shirtI was looking through the pictures I took of my kids. One thing I noticed is that the clothes my daughters wear are a lot nicer than the clothes my son wears. I usually buy clothes for my son. I shop at places like Target or Mervyn’s (50% off sale). On the other hand, my wife buys clothes for the girls. She shops at places like the Gap, Gymboree, Oilily, and Hanna Andersson.

Princess M - doesn't the outfit make her look older than 6?Is my son getting the short end of the stick? If so, am I the reason? Maybe I should have Mommy Forever buy his clothes too. Then again, Spiderboy might not like the adorable clothes my wife likes to buy. Spiderboy might prefer the super hero clothes I buy him.

I also wonder if society is biased against little boys when it comes to clothing. I don’t shop at places like Baby Gap, Gymboree, Oilily, and Hanna Andersson. As far as I know, they also carry adorable clothes for boys. But my guess is that they don’t offer as many nice boys outfits as girls outfits.

Right now, my son doesn’t care. However, when he gets older and looks through the photographs, will he see the differences in clothes and conclude the girls in our family were the favorites?

BTW, Toddler K’s outfit is actually a handmedown from Princess M.

Toddler K - another handmedown

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