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Build-A-Bear BuzzLike many families, we have a few Build-A-Bears in our house. My daughter has two and my son has one. As you can see in the photo, Spiderboy’s bear is dressed like Buzz (Build-A-Bear Workshop was out of Spiderman outfits). Spiderboy loved his bear for a whole two days. Then he pulled off the Buzz clothes and threw it all over the house. And because Spiderboy listens to me so well, I ended up picking up the Buzz clothes.

Build-A-Baby BuzzAs I was picking up the Buzz clothes, a question popped into my mind, “Can these bear clothes fit a baby?” Toddler K is no longer a baby, but I thought she might be able to fit in the bear’s clothes. And since Mommy Forever wasn’t home, I gave it a try (like my wife would let me do such a thing if she was around). As you can see in the photographs, the shirt and pants were too short but they did fit. I didn’t even try the hat. It was obvious to me it wouldn’t fit.

Toddler K is thirteen and a half months old, weights about 20 pounds, and is about 2′ 7″ tall. My guess is that the Buzz outfit would fit a newborn up to 3 months without looking like he’s wearing short pants and has a beer belly. My thinking is that if you have a few Build-A-Bear outfits around the house, they could be turned into Halloween costumes for babies. Obviously some Build-A-Bear outfits will work better than others and the smaller the baby, the better the fit.

No, there’s nothing wrong with me. This is just the way I am. That’s why I should never be left alone at home with the kids.

Build-A-Baby Buzz

22 thoughts on “Build-A-Baby Workshop

  1. I’ve been busted. My wife found the photos while working on her scrapbook. She laughed and said she’s not leaving me with the kids again. We’ll see about that. I’m just glad she has not discovered my blog yet!

  2. Oh. Mummy Forever doesn’t know about your blog?? You mean you haven’t told her that one of your blog readers like her painting of the spiderman head above spiderboy’s closet? Hmmm…

  3. Guilty! I’ll tell her about my blog (and your compliment) eventually. For now, I just want to blog without worrying about “that’s not true” or “actually” appearing in the comments section. I guess I should write a post about my wife before she can stop me. Hee-hee.

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Last week I was looking for a costume for our seven week old and the smallest size was 0-9 months. After pulling one out of the plastic it looked like it would fit my 18 month old nephew! This might be just what were were looking for, thanks for the post.

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  6. So you mean to tell me I;m not the only one who tried to dress my toddler in Build A Bear clothes? I dressed my 22 month old son in a red Build a Bear football uniform and it actually fit :)

  7. I was just browsing the net & found your blog about the build-a-bear costume idea! I am currently expecting a little girl who will be here in September. . .so I was like uggggghhhhhh. . .they never have any really cute “newborn” costumes. . .just the same old same old. . .sweet pea, pepper, flower. . .etc. I took my two year old son into build-a-bear & got to eyeing a little mermaid costume. . .& it hit me! I bet she could wear this. . .so needless to say after eyeing the size of my son’s build-a-bear. . .I made the purchase, took the costume home & showed my husband who immediately broke out into laughter! All he could say was. . .I love you babe! But I’m glad to know that someone else has shared this point of view! As crazy or silly as it may seem I still think she is going to be the most adorable little baby out there (asides from my son)! It came with three pieces. . .a red wig (which we bought a special headband to use to hold it on), purple sea shells that wrap & tie around her, & a fin that is open in the bottom. . .which allows her feet to still move around. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

  8. OK, after reading these I have to confess, I too was frustrated with the very limited variety on costumes for newborns. While scouring over options at Target, I rounded the aisle and found the princess costume I was looking for. It was on sale for $7.99 instead of $40 like I had found on the internet. The only problem was that it was for a dog… I got over the stigma and bought it anyway. It fits my three month old perfectly. The back is open around the diaper but I’ll be carrying her so noone will see. It even has the hat and veil.

  9. Well I actually googled will Build a Bear clothes fit an infant and your blog came up. So if you are crazy, I am too. I have photo shoot ideas for my granddaughter. Now to get my stepdaughter to agree… :-)

  10. I also Google Drive if build a bear costume will fit my 3 month old and came across your blog. I am definatly buying one for my babe to wear!

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